Dyabloid Torchlight Resurrect In Torchlight Frontiers

Torchlight II came out next to S Diablo III And, as many gamers were counted, it turned out to be better than the work from Blizzard. Good than fame did not save the series: she fell into anyone for several years and woke up only after the original Creator Studio burned.

Announcement trailer appeared on the network Torchlight Frontiers. As the video description says, the game combines the soul Torchlight c overall world, the elements of which are generated on the fly. Games have to be united with friends, take a faithful pet with them and go for the adventures in a variety of places: from the dungeons to the ancient ruins of forgotten civilizations. The key target is standard for Dyabloid: to combat the dangerous creatures and find cool lout.

Note that the dilogy Torchlight Created Runic Games. But in November 2017, the company closed the company Perfect World РShe owned a test package of shares Runic.

Just do not rush to be disappointed. Behind Torchlight Frontiers Replies Echtra Games. She is headed Max Shefer (Max Shaefer) – a person who was one of the key developers of the first two Diablo, and then founded Runic Games. And Echtra Games appeared before closing Runic Games.

We cannot say with which such cunning business castles are connected, but in the end, apparently, the series Torchlight stayed in the hands of parents – they just work under the other sign. This is confirmed on the official website: Proud of the attitudes says that Torchlight Frontiers Preparing the authors of the first and second Torchlight. Judging by some indirect information, the new part of the franchise will introduce more MMO component.

Release Torchlight Frontiers Must take place somewhere in 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1. Help with distribution will be Perfect World And Arc Games. On the official website you can apply for participation in beta testing.

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