Dying Light: Tip (FIX for Gaming OLD Hardware)

So friends, I ran into the problem that the game did not start and then after the patch it went but freezed after the splash screen, but I solved it and play, yes, my computer does not fit even the minimum q5, etc., but the game runs without lags on medium 50-40 fps and the card heats up to 65C (GTX650 from Gigabyte), and for those who cannot solve this problem with all sorts of file deletions, I will tell you how to get around it with patches.
First you need to press Win + R or find “execute” in the start-up, enter Msconfig there and in the boot section specify all your CPU kernels, according to the standard it is 1 or 2 kernels for the entire system, I had 1 kernel instead of 4x, the screen is attached, I hope I helped you friends, do not be strict, this is my first addition to the PG

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