Empire / Total War: Council (Tips and tactics for the game)

There is a small bug in the game. To execute it, it is enough to have an army of 1 unit. If we raise the squad to the rank of general 7-8 times, then each subsequent general will have better characteristics (more stars). The rest will be disbanded, but we will leave this.
Playing as Russia in Komi, build a military governor’s camp. The fact is that only in Komi it is possible to hire a special detachment of Russian shooters – “Siberian Jaegers”. A detachment of decent strength, you should not not look back at it.

I advise you to colonize the whole of India and establish inflated taxes there, you will receive huge profits to the treasury, which can go to the hiring or maintenance of your troops (if there are frequent riots in the colonies, try to destroy all educational facilities there or, in extreme cases, hire the cheapest guard).


I offer two versatile formulations of troops to fight against AI during the passage of the Empire Total War campaign or in a multiplayer battle on the Steam server. Each player, of course, will change and modify these compositions for themselves, and their strength will be revealed only in battle. But as a basic configuration, they are fine..

With the use of rifle cavalry:
– 9 main infantry squads;
– 3-4 detachments of special infantry;
– 2 units of heavy cavalry;
– 4-5 detachments of rifle and light cavalry;
– 2-4 detachment of mortars, howitzers or cannons;

Without rifle cavalry:
9-10 main infantry squads;
2-3 special infantry;
3-4 detachments of heavy cavalry (one of them can be a general);
2-4 detachments of light cavalry;
1-2 squads of guns;
1-2 detachments of mortars or howitzers;

Great victories to you!

Small tips by country.

England has 2 pluses at once in comparison with all other states. Firstly, the sea-ocean, and secondly, the player is first given a task on which you must concentrate immediately. That is, to conquer the 3 territories needed for the peaceful annexation of the 13 colonies. When you do this (that is, you will be at war with at least France) move part of your troops to India and start conquering new territories. Leave Gibraltar and Egypt for the end as Spain and the Ottoman Empire will not be happy.
Like England, France can conquer most of North America by completing the mission that is offered to you. The English colonies don’t have to be difficult opponents. Then, it is better if you take up Central and
South America and then Egypt.
Austria must necessarily conquer a certain minimum of territory for the Campaign. Of course, the Ottoman Empire would be the easiest prey, but allowing Prussia and France to expand territories (especially in the south and north) would be a mistake that would lead to bad consequences..
Republic of the United Provinces
Difficult for the future of Holland. Build on trade. Take out the pirates in South America. The main enemy will be Spain, so do not hesitate to destroy their colonies overseas as soon as war is declared on you. If someone turns around the capital and is not an ally of Prussia or Austria.
With Spain in America we follow the scenario, and in Europe we can start with Italy. Also, don’t forget Portugal and North Africa. In principle, it is fashionable to start with them..
If you love to fight, then this is for you. You start with two small territories and have to conquer 25, also desired by Russia, Poland and Austria. The best tactic is to quickly develop military equipment and then bang, for example, in Poland (if it does not have powerful allies). Trade will not be the most important aspect concentrate on the army.
Something like Prussia, but there is still not one side covered by the sea. Better to take out Prussia and Austria right away.
Ottoman Empire
The Ottoman Empire is large and this is a minus, from the beginning you are unlikely to be able to resist opponents, there will not be enough resources. So leave Europe (except the capital) and concentrate on the enemies from your category – Persia and India. Having understood there, you can move to Vienna. It will be difficult, but if you figure it out you can easily get to Paris. But do not forget to develop military technologies, you need to bring them to a level with Europe.
And we have to start with divided provinces, which will be very difficult to defend in the beginning. The plus is that our territory is large and the enemy will have to walk for a long time. Our main goal is Austria, but also pay attention to Prussia and Sweden.
A real challenge. Sweden is among the three powerful powers and has no trump cards up its sleeve. First you will probably have to fight with Denmark and Russia. If you see that Russia is already under attack from Austria or Prussia, join the aggressors immediately. It would be nice to make an alliance with the Ottomans or Austria. And pay attention to trading.
Maratha Confederation
Like Prussia, you will start with two separate sections. It is necessary to unite them in order to endure any European presence on the continent. Then close the Himalayas and head to Afghanistan.
Actually like everything. The material was based on my own experience, the forums that helped me often, but there are too many of them. Also, a small part of the tips was translated from GMC magazine.
If the article is successful, I will write a guide on the passage of the campaign in general.

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