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This September can be called a month of domestic role-playing games. Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, Encased: A SCI-FI POST-APCALYPTIC RPG, Atom RPG: Trudograd came out almost each other. Two of them are made in the folk genre “Russian Fallout”. How did the staff coped Dark Crystal Games in Encased?

Under the dome of the Isanalians and Fractions

I told in detail about this project in preview. Immediately I note that compared with the early version in full a lot (but not all) the authors corrected and improved. But the plot remained the same. Events, remind, unfold in alternative 70s, and we play for a man (man, woman or “other” – here three options for sex identification), which almost the only one can cope with the devastating swirl, meganomalia, raging over the domeSuch a local analogue of the zone from the “Picnic on the side of the brothers Strugatsky.

Encased: Overview

Now the incident will happen.

As I figured out in the full version, the unique ability of our protagonist wants to use the representatives of all fractions that live under the dome – here and the bureaucrats – the states from the new committee, and democrats from the independent settlement, and organized bandits from Falanga, and the sacrament of the temple, and even crazy sacking savings. Therefore, periodically, we need to make important decisions with whom to be friends, and with whom it is not very, – or defiantly declare that we care about politics, we are for themselves or for peace all over the world.

Encased: Overview

Swirl can even try to manage.

In any case, the plot is able to interest – we even voluntarily participate in dangerous experiments. The benefit of dialogues, descriptions, characters and quests are well developed and written in a competent Russian – to read nice. In addition, in communicating with other characters, you can behave like the last bastard, as the Lamb of God or play the neutral egoist. It’s except that it cuts the hearing is not a voice acting (it is normal), but the fact that many characters even after the unlikely events described in communication with them, cheerfully and almost hesitate to say something in the spirit “Hi, it was nice to meet!”.

Encased: Overview

The world is also properly registered, and the code is built directly to the dialogues.

What Russian does not like humor?

In addition to plot B Encased Full and side missions, as well as random events and traditional fun like underground tricks in the arena or underground cockroachany / rat race. Many quests suggest standard procedures – find, kill, bring, deal with those who rob caravans. But there are others. We participate in the election campaigns – we glue the candidate leaflets and solder their competitors;We organize a picnic on the side of the road (literally). There is an option to join the financial pyramid.

And once I was looking for a leg, which old email was pulled by one funny old man – so he calls a large metal crab. Having received his limb back, he almost with tears in his eyes said that she was part of his loved ones – and asked to do a prosthesis, which, however, can be left as cold weapons. It is such funny situations and characters to remember most.

Encased: Overview

We give advice to cleaners ..

IN Encased, As leans to any follower Fallout, Many irony and humor. In this, of course, it will not surpate atom RPG – there is still a more serious and intelligent atmosphere, closer to humor Strugatsky, than Russian folk jokes. But still, even if not all the jokes turned out to be successful, then you smile.

Plus there is a lot of cross-cultural references – to anime, to other games and even to game journalists. There are, for example, the character named Anton Logvinov – it is complete, in glasses and puts 10 out of 10 virtual reality television workers who developed in the local temple. Some jokes and references, I repeat, turned out to be more successful, some – less. “Govnogoblins” and suggestions to go to “Forced castration” who annoyed me in an early version, in place, but for some reason, they seemed to me apparently – apparently because the game already looks more thoughtful and complex. And in general in Encased We see a good level of scenario and texts, which the textbook Russian RPG from our childhood often had to dream.

Encased: Overview

Anton got into history. And in the game.

Tell me, you ..

Among our companions, who are gradually joined by the Savior of the Dome, are also interesting personalities. For example, there is a harsh, but fair Bugai, which breaks enemies with bare hands. At the first meeting, he wants to beat the crowd, and we can join her or help a comrade. Then we will meet a young man named Sparrow, who in his fanatical desire to fight an evil sometimes makes it only worse – so, he does not give the caravangers to agree with the robbers and unleashes the battle in which some merchants die.

Encased: Overview

No, it will not be possible to negotiate.

That is, difficult moral situations in Encased grabs. Like solutions for many quests. When on refueling, where the aforementioned single-legged grandfather is running, bandits are attacked, we are free to join them into battle, try to persuade, find and give them a canister with a flammable or at all to join them – and it’s not all the way. Our decisions affect the reputation in different fractions, as well as on relationships with partners who may fall up to contempt or, on the contrary, climb to mutual respect.

Encased: Overview

I want everyone to respember me ..

Periodically, you can communicate with them and, if there is enough confidence level, discuss more personal topics, ask about other allies. Personal quests companyon are also present. It is clear that Encased lack acute, charisma and the spark of genius, which is in role-playing games from Obsidian and old BioWare. There, for example, it is difficult to imagine the situation when we meet a new character, he asks: “Let’s go with you? I want to save the world!”And we answer:” Of course, went!”And here it turned out with the sparrow. But there are more complex characters and situations.

Encased: Overview

But with this companion I do not want.


Especially since the role system authors worked very well, in the right traditions Fallout. It is it that provides non-linearity and variability and in the pampering of the character, and in playing the role, and in the choice of options for solving quests. Everything is twisted around the characteristics and abilities that are divided into combat and applied. The first are associated with the skills of the possession of the weapon – there is even a psychic and Hai-tekovskoe, which allows you to fill out of blasters. The second is a classic like medicine, survival, influence (helps in dialogues), science, technology, and so on.

Encased: Overview

As the abilities are picked up active and passive skills.

Want to avoid an unpleasant random meeting on the map? Need pumped crime or survival. Asked for something to replace or something to figure out? Without knowledge of technique or science, do not cope. To notice something important in the behavior of a character or communicating with him and understand that he is lying, need advanced attentiveness. And if you drop the elevator in the mine, then with low dexterity you will die. In place and ability to bully, convince or charming. Here, however, I did not quite understand why my character with a very high level of Charizma could intimidate and charming, and his skill of conviction was completely unkind. Although it is already details.

Encased: Overview

How many options ..

In addition, as I wrote in previews, many situations, opportunities and replicas in dialogues depend on what class we belong to – to guards, scientists, managers, technicians or workers. When creating a character, we choose and group, and what parameters and skills to make key. But when receiving new levels when periodically, not only the characteristics of pumping, but also to choose a new ability, you are free to take anything – if only the parameters correspond to the requirements.

Encased: Overview

The character indicators can be influenced by abnormal artifacts, which are one increase, and the other reduce.

By the way, in Encased It is possible to immediately undertake the indicators that deprives the character of certain opportunities. So, if the mind is to set 1 or 2, then your hero simply will lose the ability to keep a meaningful dialogue. But this will make new quests available (and others are blocked) and will reveal some companyon in a new way.

Finally, pleased classic for Fallout Percussion system is sometimes very ironic. For example, the “Neandertalets” receives bonuses to the damage in the near battle, but will run with a naked back, because simply will not be able to wear pants and jackets. “The Mystery Lord” considers himself a navel of the earth, and the companions – necessary, but stupid retinue, so damage increases by 20% for each of the associates, but the latter learning is noticeably reduced. There are almost two dozen such perks here, and sometimes they are very interesting to affect the gameplay and the style of passage.

Encased: Overview

You can even become a vampire.

Sky, Freddie, is stupid!

But with what the game had problems, so it’s with a step-by-step combat system. And the authors, you need to give imaging, it was corrected and improved. Perekox towards the melee is still felt, but he is not so striking. Missed opponents – it became more difficult to survive (I played on the “classics”). Although it is not yet an ideal: the enemies can be braided or run away somewhere on the edge of the card, instead of resistance.

Encased: Overview

In battles, we get a lot of strengthening yes fines and actively apply the skills.

Survival mechanics and remained not chibically necessary – the hunger and thirst are buried too low, and I don’t mean food, because it can always be found in numerous lockers, drawers, barrels, garbage baskets and damn know where else. I also acquired some kind of ammunition (the rest and so in bulk) yes aid kit. Just that fatigue accumulates inadequately – revealed a couple of locks, and everything, the character is already choking.

Encased: Overview

In fights you can use the height.

Only because of fatigue (and for the rewind of time in Quest) I broke the camp. And still Stealth looks ridiculous – no corresponding animations, the character in full growth goes in front of everyone, trying not to get into the red circle of sight. Kraft is also not too demanded.

Encased: Overview

We don’t even notice.

Yes, the authors still have something to work on what to correct and optimize. But already understandable – Encased: A SCI-FI POST-APCALYPTIC RPG. Yes, before Fallout, it displaces – there is not enough depth, thoughtfulness and genius. But you can play and need if you like postpocalypse.

Pros: interesting story;nonlinear quests;variable well-written dialogs;developed role-playing system;Qualitative audiovisual execution.

Minuses: Not all mechanics are brought to mind;too much unnecessary lute;There are questions to the combat system and behavior of A9.

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