Epic Games develops a computer game

Epic Games develops a computer game
Head of Epic Creative (or Creative Director Epic Games – How do you like more) Cliff Blezhinski (Cliff Bleszinski) unequivocally confirmed that they develop a computer game. Maybe even exclusive. And the first on this topic was spoken by the President of Epikov Mike Capps (Mike Capps). But very ambiguous. Like, “Maybe we work on”.

Now after the word Cliff “Maybe” cut out, thrown and forgotten. Although questions remain. And the main one – what game. There is no answer to it. As no answer and on others: genre, business model, which studio (y EPIC There are several of them) develops when the game will be ready, as it will spread, good will work out or bad, what is expected to be expected and whether Sikvel is planned … Waiting-with, in one word.

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