Even more monsters hunting in the gameplay video The Witcher 3

Polish craftsmen out CD Projekt Red Never miss the opportunity to look at some exhibition and please fans with fresh trailer The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Not left aside and Gamescom 2014.

This time, heralt will have their own direct responsibilities, that is, save the innocent villagers from the “ancient evil”, awakened from the war. For this purpose, the Witcher goes to the swamp, where it is fiercely fighting with all sorts of magical creatures, and, of course, wins.

Moreover, generous developers have published a number of screenshots and concepts with the image of all scenery yes characters The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt like Geralta from Rivia in different stages of upgrade, cursions, yennipher from Vengoberg, TRISS Merigold, generals of wild hunting and even Godling Johnny, whom we have already watched in one of the recent gameplay fragments.

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