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A series of golf simulators EVERYBODY’S GOLF (in USA – Hot Shots Golf) this year celebrates twentieth anniversary. Launched it Camelot Software Planning, then switched on Mario Tennis And Mario Golf, and from the second part of the initiative picked up Clap Hanz. Virtual golf never left his native Lono PlayStation, noting on all domestic and portable consoles, the new release was the debut on PS4. Clap Hanz And Sony organized it lifestyle and with a scope, adjusting and visual appearance, and gameplay.

On the green meadows of Japan

Clap Hanz Developing Ech Not according to the model EA FIFA – Only one or two games appear on each platform, with noticeable changes. In the first Ech There were big-headed blanks (what can you do – the features of the Japanese design!), in the second – much more realistic, the fourth offered an online multiplayer and mini-golf as a side entertainment, and so on. EVERYBODY’S GOLF, Unlike some predecessors, did not prepare in a hurry to the beginning of the console sales, and therefore it has something to raise the audience.Everybody & Amp; # 39; S Golf game reviewIn the Russian Federation, EG earlier produced Softklab, so there is nothing to be surprised by the Russian-speaking localization – we also appreciate the series and love.
In short, I will tell about the rules of golf to those who are with a gentleman’s sport unfamiliar. In the extended field scattered 9 or 18 holes, before each of which you need to bring the ball. “Arena” abound with obstacles – plots with maniaricularly eliminated grass framed or crossed ponds, sandbresses and groves with rouse vegetation. Usually, the projectile is brought to “Green” (cozy lawn with flag and well) for three – five shots. Wins the one who committed less crawl sticks or scored more points for successful actions.

EVERYBODY’S GOLF Allows you to create your own athlete, pickily selecting the chin, hairstyle, eye cut and the like with a loaf of dozens of options. The same applies to clothes – you will probably get stuck in the wardrobe. On the one hand, a pleasant option – Sony did it focus on trailers, for example, demonstrating in the frame Syui Yoshidu (Shuhei Yoshida, President Sie Worldwide Studios) and his computer twin. On the other hand, the character design calls in the Nintendo MII memory;someone such avatars, I do not exclude, can scare, and they have a tight.

However, let him smell a hand on the facial animation – in the end, and the fonts are multicolored here, and the mood is cloudless. Fields themselves – huge open spaces, well-detailed, each with a highlight. I especially liked the platform on the coast: sun loungers with canopies, neat shops and bridges, sleeping with reflections and shadows, boarding berths, peacefully dormant yachts on the water … Someone is already nostalgic on vacation?Everybody & Amp; # 39; S Golf game reviewThe meticulous character editor allows you to cut off anyone – at least Readeris Targary.
Gameplay Also a combination of contrasts: at first glance – in arcade accessible and entertaining, in fact – serious fun for fans of sports simulators. The ball on the ball follows the old rule of three clicks: shim, determination of power and accuracy. Upon familiar grid, noting the estimated place of hit, it is easy to understand the slope steepness and the direction of grass growth. Even the strength / direction of wind and weather conditions (this is how the rain is charged!). Selection of sticks and shells conjugate with the type of sand – sand and thicket, of course, require a special approach.

EVERYBODY’S GOLF accurately imitates golf, if you judge sports broadcasts and films like “Legends of Bagher Vanas” (2000). Gradually mastering new techniques – how to throw the ball higher, providing a long fall, as the arc bypass the annoying trees, how to verify unmistakably beat the patter (a special green club) … In addition, developers allow you to adapt, exercising with large holes and holes with miniature deaths tightening everythingwhat flies past before moving to traditional miniature slits in the ground. In the first hours, I want to bend the naughty “stick” from anger, but later you get used to, getting more elements of control over the athlete.

Each of the guns of the golfist “pumps” separately – if you want, you can re-update the key intended for the sighting strikes, in the “driver” (one that the ball is entered into the game). Chamber of Commerce in tournaments, the hero will acquire Vatagoy viewers and improved inventory, defeated “bosses” in matches with changing rules – their animation and clothing. Crowded championships, alas, after a dozen-other hours become predictable and routine, but local pros – rivals that you need, do not bother with them.Everybody & Amp; # 39; S Golf game review“Bosses” have very peculiar biographies: one – the sum, the other – the racer, the third – the avid gamer ..
Do not think that the whole career staircase in EVERYBODY’S GOLF Committed to pursuit of fields, adoptions and junk. The quiz professors of the coendzi briefly cast (learn the terminology if you want to deal with additional chamber angles), the study of the island on a tiny map (and how otherwise? Picture Olympic Sprint on Your Two – Tedicing Occupation) and Fishing. I’m not kidding – the game about golf will have to take care of gear and bait!

EVERYBODY’S GOLF rich on regimes, but I returned to her day around. Not only customized by the editorial task, of course, – to cross the sticks turned out to be more interesting than to fill in Agents of Mayhem, work with a malarier enthusiast in Splatoon 2 and break down hooligans in Yakuza: Kiwami. In a simple gameplay formula, the bulk of the pitfalls – only hurts to reject the shell on three hundred yards on like a safe shred of the soil, and he closed the thread on the way, rolled on the roof, walked by the audience tribunes, and bucked into the bushes … Muhazda physics throw out surprises.

The picture complements the bustle in online. The cards open in the “single” are hubs – the people pick up generously scattered bonuses and fits the names in the records of the records, hovering on one well or passing a series. In asynchronous competitions, they allow everyone, because of what newbies have just installed the game and barely dropped inventory, there is no chance for a decent position. The most popular is the mode where two teams are fighting – no longer in their pace, but dealing with holes for a while. In general, get ready for the fact that deeply borrowing in the local sand is not one evening.Everybody & Amp; # 39; S Golf game reviewThe main graphic Revelation of Everybody’s Golf – plausible clouds.***
As in the real golf, the highest pilot of the category “got into the apple from the starting platform” is extremely rare (I have “Hall-In-Van” happened once) – EVERYBODY’S GOLF by no means relying on luck. You will understand this if not immediately, then from the third field complicated by the heights and other embossed pegs. No matter how paradoxically sounds, but the phrase “old men there is no place” – the exact feature of the game from Clap Hanz And Sony.

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