Evil Genius 2: World Domination: Video Game Overview

The continuation of the famous Evil Genius had to wait long – as many as 17 years. Better late than never? The question is interesting, and in this case there is no unambiguous answer to it. World Domination barely managed to go out, and the original lovers have already managed to run out on different sides of the ring: some believe that the sequel is not inferior to the first part, the second complains that the novelty did not meet expectations and in general “it was better”.

Surprisingly, but despite the love of strategies, I managed to miss the original in my time Evil Genius 2004. But now there has been a great opportunity to look at the continuation of unbiased, without too high or understated expectations. What is he, a new “angry genius”, for those who first meet the franchise?

Old good evil

“The Simulator of God”, “Strategy of Indirect Control”, Colony Sim, Dungeon Management Game- Evil Genius 2 refers to a genre that has many names and a bit blurring definition. Unlike traditional strategies, where the units are unlocked by the player’s desires, it is impossible to command subordinates directly. The main thing is the motivation, not the order: the creation of the necessary conditions for work, abstract tasks, separation of locations on zones for various actions – please, but in no case direct indication and non-alternative submission.

The creators of Dungeon Keeper are one of the first, the creators of Dungeon Keeper were revealed; her first adhered to the first Evil Genius, And on the same path there is a continuation. Another parallel with the “dungeon keeper” – the player’s performance on the side of evil. The same template villain from spy militants – our alter ego, and not the main opponent. The task is to defend themselves from at least template agents of the world’s leading powers, trying to stop our way to world domination.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination: Overview

Each superstode – its super retention. One option will be an ultimative version of the philosophical st1.

Each self-respecting villain should have its own base – its creation and expansion and will be engaged in the player. Tropical island in the middle of the ocean with an entertainment complex located on the shore – the perfect cover for our Logova. With the help of obedient servants in the mining thicker, you can dig up a real fortress – with energy generators, barracks and dining rooms for improvised and other necessary for carrying out their insidious equipment. Of course, you can not do without a storage of gold and non-profile traps, which will soon start visiting our base with various purposes – from collecting information to sabotage and theft.

In addition to this prison simulator, there is another gameplay layer – world map. You can perform various tasks that replenish the treasury of our hero, reduce the attention of special services or help hire a unique assistant. Here the gameplay is uncomplicated: I chose the mission icon, got acquainted with the conditions and, if they arrange you (as a rule, you will need certain units or a relatively small amount of money), sent a detachment for the task. It remains only to wait for its completion. Mighty’s past “into the world” do not return – hence the need for a permanent training of new technicians.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination: Overview

Girim! It seems, without loading “Seyiva” can not do.

In addition to the sandbox mode without specific purposes in World Domination There is a campaign with a long storyline – each of the four geniuses, differing not only by appearance, but also characteristics and skills, a unique story. It sounds promising, but there is actually nothing to rejoice – I’m going forward, I will say that the campaigns, and in general the gameplay for different heroes, differ from each other, but we almost do not feel. However, we still have time to have time – I’d rather look at what the developers deserve praise.

The main thing is in the tricks

Sorry for the banality, but here you will have to be like the proverb about what we celebrate. Do not mark visual style Evil Genius 2 It is simply impossible: bright colors, cartoon charts and expressive animations create a recognizable image of a strategy, once again emphasizing the total parody-evil mood. Here the designers did not lose – the game is instantly remembered, and recognize the frame from World Domination can be semi-displaced.

How compliance with the visual traditions of the original, it is difficult to judge: continuity, of course, is felt, but I first remembered another strategy, which is also a continuation (albeit a secret) famous Taikana, – Two Point Hospital, remake famous Theme Hospital.

In the first place in the stylization humor. Cartoon design of villains and their primary, absurd devices and devices based on the base, even walking units (according to which, by the way, it is possible to calculate the disguised agents of the enemy) – everything works for the creation of the most non-test atmosphere.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination: Overview

Maximilian knows how to instantly teach the girlfriend engaged in simulators nearby. Useful skill in the conditions of the eternal deficit of qualified personnel.

In the similar genre of the town-planning simulator, you are addressed to contemplate the life of your settlement, climbing the camera somewhere higher. Here, on the contrary, it is more interesting to observe small scenes from the villainous everyday life as close as possible – the attention of the designers to the details is very bribed. For example, minions are constantly working, and each type of work has its own, unique animation. Especially managed simulators: it makes sense to take a look at the learning process of the unit at least once – you can find very funny scenes.

Humor, in places absurd, in some places, still keeps the lowest quality bar and not only in appearance. The villainists look, as it should be, in idiot, each character in its own way raises well-established stamps of superhero film and games, and side tasks and main quests are worth reading their description and follow the cat scenes. This is what, and in the sense of humor, the developers will not refuse.

Laughed, Miavatit

Unfortunately, remembered World Domination Not at all ridiculous scenes from the life of minions and not the “blocking” process of detuning the base (to the latter, it seems to me, each such strategy should strive). No matter how strange it sounds, now, after a pair of tens of hours of games, the feeling of gameplay can be expressed briefly – boredom.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination: Overview

Sometimes it is useful to include anxiety – so the base mobilizes all his strength to fight the enemy.

At first, everything is not bad – study new types of minions and enemies, you put new equipment, you are engaged in the expansion of the Logova, which includes a deserving conversation from traps. But the farther, the longer time goes to banal Grind money and plot missions. Gold Here is the main resource, without it, construction and research and research of technologies opening new opportunities are impossible. In addition to a small profit from the casino (which at the same time distracts the enemy agents), the only way to replenish the treasury is to perform tasks on the world map.

It is this process that is much long, boring and does not require a player of conscious actions. For each mission you need to collect the executive team: somewhere this is ordinary workers, and somewhere – a whole detachment of high-level fighters (the process of their training is also not the fastest). After pressing the button starts the task, it remains only to wait – first the helicopter does not rush to take minions into the agreed place (as a rule, for several flights), and only then the leisurely process of making a mission begins.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination: Overview

The layout of new rooms in three-dimensional space is made not in the best way – you have to install the camera almost vertically.

Even at high speed, all this lasts indecently long, but the worst thing is that it will not work in any way. Make a more roomy and fast transport? Explore technology for quick tasks? Find other ways to profit? All these questions, the answer will be negative, except, perhaps, the latter – passive income is still present, but is ensured by expanding the spy network, which again requires the commission of all the same long flights and preliminary training of performers.

What’s worse, the tasks of the main storyline and side quests are not far from such an approach. Some need to be performed directly on the basis (such as the construction of the right rooms or devices), but the absolute majority of plot missions include the search for not the most notable icons on the world map and long waiting. Separately annoying the interface of this mode – neither filtering nor allocate the necessary quests directly on the map, because of what a lot of time leaves for the search for the desired task.

In the end, shortly after the start of the passage, cease to feel progress. Especially well it is noticeable in the campaign – a reward for the successful completion of a tedious quest as a maximum will be a small cat-scene. Expand the database immediately do not give – even the opportunity to build out other floors of the island opens far from immediately, not to mention new types of equipment and units.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination: Overview

World map. Unfortunately, it is here that you have to spend most of the game.

The permanently included high speed does not save, and the busy scenes from the life of the villainous log house and funny descriptions of missions pass by – they are forgiven automatically, not even reading. What is the sense, if in the end everything comes down to the apartling algorithm “Find the icon on the map, the copy resources, wait”?

Enemies are also not too docked, so building a line of defense from traps, protection posts and protective doors is not necessary, but rather, a way to have fun during forced inaction.

Reasonable minions can be killed – often very extravagant ways. Maximilian prefers to turn themselves into golden statues.

It is said that in such strategies in the first place the pleasure of the process, and not from the result. It seems to me that here is clearly not the case – the result means only the opening of new tasks on the world map, and the process is delayed and monotonous. World Domination would clearly benefit the discharge of the global card mode in the current form and greater emphasis on what happens inside the villainarian log house. Apparently, game designers Rebellion not so good as artists and screenwriters.

Those who, like me, is going to get acquainted with the series of Evil Genius, I advise not to dedicate and prepare for the fact that the bright shell lies a sad content. It’s a fun game, but it’s bored to play.

Pros: Bright and recognizable visual style, created with great attention to trifles;Humor, concentrated on ridicuing superhero and superstricular stamps.

Minuses: delaying campaign;uncomfortable world map interface;monotonous tasks;lack of progress in gameplay.

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