Evil Genius: All detailed codes + tips,

Evil Genius is a game in which you have to play as one of three evil geniuses, 3 evil geniuses are available to you: Maximilian (maximilian), Alexis (alexis (woman)), and Shen yu (Japanese).
And you have to bring the world to its knees, thereby building the “Infernal Machine” by selecting the code and combining with 1 of 3 Machines (in the laboratory): Codex + Super Compiuter (super computer), Codex + Greenhouse, Codex + (sorry, I forgot the last car ), after compatibility, your Minions-scientists, as well as biochemists, technicians and quantum physicists, will begin to investigate Codex + x, that is, “x” is the machine that you have chosen, and then when scientists finish researching with Codexsom, you you will have to build a hangar, and then build a “ROCKET” You have no idea what it is like to build a whole rocket, you have to steal various titanium alloys, fuel, to build a rocket. When you start building a rocket (as soon as you collect everything you need), the countdown will begin, the rocket will be just like on the shelves to collect your Minions, the countdown will start from 12 minutes (maybe less or more).
After the end of the countdown, a window will appear (where the countdown was) and there you can press, ROCKET START! After that, the ROCKET will take off into Space, and one more moment, if you have chosen: Codex + Greenhouse, then after the rocket takes off, the rocket will release a satellite that will send its VZOR to the ground and launch several small rockets, do you think the earth will explode? NO! these missiles, they will explode near the ground at a distance of about 40 floors of the house, and these missiles will release poison, but not fatal, but such that everyone on the planet WILL TURN INTO YOUR MINION WORKERS. And then the whole earth will be submissive to you.
And here we come to the Codes, that is, CHEATING:

And so, almost all the console does not work, then here is the answer to your question: My console does not open, why ??? = (
Answer: You need to go to the root of the game example: ….. \ Evil Genius \ DynamicResources \ Config
There we find the file: Default.ksb You need to open it with any editor, for example, notepad.
go in and see:

Auto-generated shortcut bindings file. Do not alter unless you, like, really want to
StoreView1: Ctrl + 1
RestoreView1: 1
StoreView2: Ctrl + 2
RestoreView2: 2
StoreView3: Ctrl + 3
RestoreView3: 3
StoreView4: Ctrl + 4
RestoreView4: 4
StoreView5: Ctrl + 5
RestoreView5: 5
StoreView6: Ctrl + 6
RestoreView6: 6
StoreView7: Ctrl + 7
RestoreView7: 7
StoreView8: Ctrl + 8
RestoreView8: 8
StoreView9: Ctrl + 9
RestoreView9: 9
StoreView10: Ctrl + 0
RestoreView10: 0
IncreaseTreeDrawDepth: Shift + Ctrl+-
CycleHenchmenForwards: Shift + Tab
CycleHenchmenBackwards: Tab
ToggleWireframe: Shift + Ctrl + W
CreateConstructionWorker: W
ResetAvailableEntities: Shift + Ctrl + E
Explosion: Ctrl + E
ResetGUI: Shift + Ctrl + R
ReserveTest: Ctrl + R
ToggleRainEffect: R
CompleteTraining: Ctrl + T
AlwaysTripSensors: T
AlwaysTripTraps: Y
GiveAllObjects: Shift + Ctrl + I
Step: O
LevelDesign: Shift + Ctrl + P
Pause: P
ZoomToEntity: Return
ToggleSolidTop: S
Die: D
SetOnFire: Ctrl + F
FindWorker: F
ToggleGui: Shift + Ctrl + G
GodMode: Shift + G
MortalMode: Ctrl + Alt + G
GoToOrder: Ctrl + G
DecreaseHeat: Ctrl + Alt + H
IncreaseHeat: Ctrl + H
KillCaveSlave: Ctrl + K
ToggleLighting: Shift + Ctrl + L
LoadSaveGame: Ctrl + L
ToggleConsole: `
SlowMovement: #
ActivateHenchmanAbility1: Z
ResetAgentBoredomTimer: Ctrl + X
ActivateHenchmanAbility2: X
CentreCameraOnGenius: Ctrl + C
ActivateHenchmanAbility3: C
ActEvil: Ctrl + V
ToggleBoundingBoxes: Shift + Ctrl + B
ShooPlaythings: Ctrl + Alt + B
SummonPlaythings: Ctrl + B
DecreaseNotoriety: Ctrl + Alt + N
IncreaseNotoriety: Ctrl + N
MoveToNightTime: N
DisableBumpSkinning: Shift + Ctrl + M
OpenSoundToolBar: Ctrl + Alt + M
CreateMinion: Ctrl + M
MoveObject: M
OpenGlossary: ​​F1
SummonObjectiveDialog: F2
SummonEmpireStatsDialog: F3
ChooseMode: Shift + Ctrl + F4
SummonMinionDialog: F4
QuickSave: F5
SummonResearchDialog: F6
SummonWorldMap: F7
QuickLoad: F8
Play: Shift + Pad –
FastForward: Shift + Pad +
SaveScreenShot: F12
MouseLook: Right Ctrl
ZoomIn: Shift + Up Arrow
MoveForwards: Up Arrow
LookUp: Page Up
LookLeft: Shift + Left Arrow
MoveLeft: Left Arrow
LookRight: Shift + Right Arrow
MoveRight: Right Arrow
ZoomOut: Shift + Down Arrow
MoveBackwards: Down Arrow
LookDown: Page Down
AutomaticPatternSet: Ctrl + Insert
DeleteRoom: Ctrl + Delete
DeleteObject: Delete
CashCheat: Ctrl C
TrapCheat: Ctrl T
GlobalMadness: Ctrl M
GlobalSanity: Ctrl N
ArmyOfDarkness: Ctrl A
AirStrike: Ctrl S
ObjectsCheat: Ctrl O

AHA !!!!!! One more line is missing … (To open the console).
Here is the line missing: ToggleDebugCommands
We do this, scroll the entire list down and where: ObjectsCheat: Ctrl O press near the letter “o” (so that it is like this: ObjectsCheat: Ctrl O | Stick so that you can press Enter and write the line: ToggleDebugCommands: x
X – We put our command for example: ToggleDebugCommands: Ctrl + D
That’s all, we exit (Save), and we enter the game, and during the game we press our command and press ~ to open the console.
Here are the codes:

Money xxx – Money, xxx is the number of money, if you type “100.000.000” they will appear, but not all, depending on the storage space, the more storage space, the more money will appear.

Help – all commands (codes) appear, if you write like this: help Money, then he will write (in English) what this command means, works with all commands.

Add – this code allows you to give you as many units as you want (Warning: if you register a lot of minions, then it will either lag (jam) very much or throw it out of the game) (Minions are indicated below, etc.)

Speed ​​x – this code allows you to rewind (Speed ​​up) the game, x – from 0-10.

GiveAll – this code gives everything, but I do not advise you, there is a lot of confusion.

SetMaxPopulation xxx – if you insert 999 instead of xxx, then you can hire 999 workers.

The following codes require after the introduction, false or true. (After the code, example: DF_Power false, as you can see, if you do not enter, it will be like this:
DF_Power true, I’ll write how to enter it myself, otherwise we change false to true, and true to false, okay? =))

DF_Power – this code gives you infinite electricity, in one word “power plant is unnecessary” but after this code you need to enter false .

DF_AgentBehave – if you enter false after the code, then all agents (as well as tourists) will stop and will no longer be able to move, if you beat them, they will still not pay attention to you. And if (after when you entered “false”) you enter true, they will start moving again.

DF_WorldDomIgnoreActThresholds – if you enter true, then after it on the world map, you will have everything that should be disclosed at this level.

DF_TweakMinionStats – if you enter true, you can change the characteristics of minions. (On the empire statistics screen, cannot be changed).

DF_AgentsGoHome – if you enter true, well, almost all agents will leave the island. (I immediately noticed).

These were the most normal codes.

Here are the character codes (ALL!):
Type in the console: Add
1-evil genius (Maximilian); 2-evil genius (Alexis (alexis)); 3-evil genius (Shen Yu). – these are 3 evil geniuses.

100-Worker; 101-Shooter; 102-Lackey; 103-Technician; 104-Security Guard; 105-Biochemist; 106-Scientist; 107-polytechnologist; 108-Mercenary; 109-Diplomat; 110-Womanizer; 111-Master of Hand-to-Hand Combat; 112-Quantum Physicist. – these were your Minions.

700 – 898 are all agents from 700 to 898.


500-It’s Moco.
501-It’s Yubei Samurai.
502-This is Eli Barracuda.
503-This Is Red Ivan.
504-It’s Montezuma.
505-This is the Mentor (Old lady, grandmother).
507-This is Lord Cain.
508-It’s the Butcher.
509-This is Viliky Mezmero.
510-This is DR. Neurocide. – IT WERE YOUR MINORS.

301-This is the girl “1” (Bodyguard); 302-It’s Girl 2 (Bodyguard).
400-This is the man “1” (NO SHIRT) (Bodyguard); 401-This is male “2” (NO SHIRT) (Bodyguard). -THE WERE YOUR BODYGUARDS.

Here are some of the codes. |
__________________ |
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airbender.moy.su/ and play-game-2.ucoz.ru/
Write about what you would like to have in the game, I will write if I find.

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