Ex Machina: Advice

Ex Machina: Advice

While wandering around the locations, you can run into different jokes left by the developers. For example, in one of the first quests, one rich farmer was greedy and gave the main character little money, to which he said “I don’t like your pink jacket and yours …” – it seems that Filya Kirkorov said so at his press conference.
There is also a disc in the list of special items that will be needed in the future, but in fact it is a disc with the game “War Magic” – an early creation of TargemGames.
Also, Star Wars did not go unnoticed – in a mission where it is necessary to install robots-adjusters, these same robots – well, direct replicas of R2 (a barrel-shaped robot from StarWars)!

– As soon as you upgrade the car, opponents will upgrade. Therefore, do not buy a case for a powerful cannon if you do not have one..
– It is also noticed that if you drive with a powerful cannon (for example, “Maxim”), then the enemies will come across more powerful.
– You can lure opponents under the cannons of the city, then collect trophies.

Guys, I tell you that in the beginning you will not have very much money, but it is advisable to save money, tk. after going through a little game you will see the URAL for 32000 in the magic. After that it is better to keep it, not to change it to something else. pumping is not too expensive and the car itself is fast.

To get around faster, drive exclusively on roads.
If you are looking to buy an expensive item, make sure you have a generous supply of money, or you may not have enough money for future repairs. .
Some of the guns that you pick up are completely worn out and easier than repairing, buying new ones will be cheaper .

Tactics for destroying small groups of opponents with a medium-close range of weapons:
1. We go to ram on average people like a “fighter”;
2. At the same time, we shoot kids like a grasshopper.
3. According to the situation, instead of kids:
3.1. First of all, we get rid of hunters with rocket launchers from a distance (even if you don’t twist the steering wheel, it’s hard to get away from the rocket …. so it’s better to avoid it altogether);
3.2. We shred heavy trucks like the Urals or Belaz (it is better not to take it for a ram), since babies can be killed with an automatic clip or in general with one shot, and average trucks (saving reloading time) – we take it for a ram – and they will bring faster and less harm.
P.S. Going to the ram, you need to choose a place to accelerate so as to maneuver less and not jump. Otherwise, the ram will not be taken seriously. It is also better to aim at the edge of the opponent’s quill. Otherwise, you can “stupidly” get stuck on the remains of an unrepentant foe and expose yourself to the most often unrequited blow.

When talking, always choose the top line of the answer, except for one case: in one city, one character will offer you to join his army. The top line will show a refusal, but you should agree.

On the Hel map, go behind a warehouse with bandits until you reach a village.
Along the way, you will meet a woman who needs help finding her lost husband. Having found your spouse – to do this, wander around the nearby villages – return him back and in no case take money from him. Bring it to the village and get a reward, plus sell it in Olm. 28000 is not bad at all, especially if you need Ural.

When you are in Arzhan, look to the northwest of the map, there is a cache, in which there is a lot of good…
If you decide to buy BELAZ, then go to the Krai: in YUZHNOM there is the best cabin for it – “Shield”.

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