Ex Machina: Council (how to make peace with the faction)

If you have a falling out with any group, then you have a chance to restore the old “friendship”:
1). If you find that after a quarrel with the group you have not yet traveled outside the location where the conflict occurred, then you need to go around ALL the cities in this location. In cities, we turn to the Bartender, he can restore friendship for 15% of your money.
2). If you traveled outside the location, then the quarrel with the group cannot be corrected in any way, i.e. will have to load an early Save and play back.
3). If there is a chance to make peace with the group at any time, regardless of whether you traveled outside the Location or not. We go to Arzhan, there we get to the Monastery and turn to the bartender. If he agrees to reconcile you – everything is fine, if not, then:
-If the group is key and stops the quest, then load the early save.
-If the group is not key, such as “Adventurers”, then feel free to continue playing.

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