Exodus from the Earth: Game Walkthrough and Guide

Exodus from the Earth: Passage

Press the “New Game” and see the awesome commercial name of Krizby, after which Southgate will tell Frank about the task. See and listen carefully. Remember T-shirt Sullivan – you will meet with him in the game (see do not shoot randomly).

Level 1. Introduction. Welcome to Ah.

Welcome, hmm… very soon there will be no trace from their hospitality.
Look at the roller. Carefully read the inscriptions on the screen before loading – there is a lot of useful.
Check the task list (TAB). View it each time you appear on the List of Tasks updated. Right in front of you door. Enter. Tips leaving the screen will help you figure out what to do. You get to the hall where employees are (in orange) and security. The door left the guard is not – you go there. You can bypass the hall and talk to employees and (when approaching an employee, arrows will appear on the screen and the inscription “Talk” – click the “Use” button – by default e – and listen that you will say). But do not get carried away – you are not for this.
Come to the left door. You will see 3 people – a guy with a girl and a shirt (you remember him, right?). You need to get rid of a couple. Talk to the guy in Orange. He will share with you his plans for vacation and dump. The girl will stay and let go of a couple of comments (just not to work). Get back to the hall. Left from you – Secretary Stand. Go along it. Look at the information on the PDA. The items with which you can interact will be marked with green lines on the sides, go to the PDA, will appear arrows and the inscription “View”, click “Use”. Go on. Having reached the switch, call the secretary (go to the device, the arrows will appear and the inscription “Call the secretary”, press “use”). The girl will come out of the room and will go to her workplace. Excellent, go back, Mike now one. Talk to him. He will spend you inside the building and tell you what to do next. Then he will open the door to the warehouse – enter.

2 level. Anxiety.

Go down on the stairs. Two guards (their name is Jack and Bob) are waiting for you. Talk to them. Turn back – there is an ax. Take. The guards proceed to you (probably, the view of you with an ax is still the same), go through and go down. Spice the castles with an ax. Do not pay attention to the guard – His shift your buddies. Take the killed gun and armor and go beyond the guards. They will open the gate – pass. One stands near the lattice to the left – to the right of it the hole, a fallen box. Side, break the box with an ax and break. Jump on the box, then on the coil and on the cylinders. Shoot the guard on the right. Jump to the boxes near the power field, and from them through the fence on the roof of the shed. Jump onto the container and shoot two guards, then jump on containers standing on each other, and shoot another one. Go out the top container on the right and jump on the box, and from it to the ground. Kill the guard. Collect the trophy guards (armor and cartridges).
Tip: The guards killed always have armor for you, as well as cartridges and weapons. Be sure to choose everything.
Go to the left to the stairs and climb up. Some imperfect will put a box there – you do not get out. Get down, just so go back. The gate to the left will open – go there and shoot. The gate for you will close and other in front will open. Shoot the guards and go ahead. Left stands loader. Kill the driver. In general, employees kill them without any pity – first, they can cause protection and press the alarm button, and secondly, they are also armed and hit themselves with good arrows. Look at the CCP. Lower the container, then open it and take the access card. Raise the container, go through the stairs and climb up. Kill the guard. Go to the control panel and open the door. Go.

3 level. Bypass path.

Listen to T-shirt. Go on the stairs to the room. Opposite the door with the inscription “The door is blocked” the staircase. Go down. Having reached the closed hatch, turn back and shoot an employee (quickly until he pressed the alarm button). Then open the hatch and go down on. Come in the corridor and kill the employee. On the right boxes – break them and touch the tunnel. Go straight and left, then down. Shoot an employee. Break the pallet under the sign “Power station” and climb there, then on the stairs up. Get out of the tunnel and collect ammunition. Left door – go out. Caution, there is guard! The guard goes down the stairs to kill it and take a shotgun. Collect ammunition on the shelves. Go on the stairs up. Right in front of you door but it is blocked. Right – Two employees and bullets. Kill employees (one of them is shooting – now you will definitely understand what you need to kill). Come to the console, see the PDA and switch the locking of the doors – the door opposite the stairs is unlocked, and the door downwards from which you came from, will be blocked. Go to the unlocked door, get rid of the guards. Behind the box on the left – armor and first aid kit. They will be very useful to you, so if your indicators are not so bad, then do not take them yet. Go to the next door. In the corridor guard, kill them and go further into the locker room. Kill the guard. Open the doors over the seats along the walls – there is something to take. Rats do not be afraid – they are harmless. Enter the shower (door from the input directly) and take the access card (and at the same time, and replenish your stocks). Get out, wet evil guards. Now you can pick up the armor and the first-aid kit from the room with drawers if you left them. Go to the remaining door (left, if you leave the shower). Use the access card to open the door to the melting shop.

4 level. Melting shop.

Check the list of tasks. Open the door. Right opposite you – wall with fire extinguisher and yellow cylinders. The passage is blocked by drawers. They can be destroyed, but not necessarily – let it be blocked off the way not only to you, but also by guard. You right. Run to the wall and stand up for cylinders. Anxiety will rise (someone here, apparently, locators instead of ears), and God with her – you still will not be left here. Look forward and up. See the glazed room above? This is the control room – you go there. Do not yaw – you already have guests. Shoot. In the second security guard – automatic. How to kill it – take. Congratulations, this is one of the most valuable acquisitions. Now you can make the way to the control room. Shoot everything that moves.
Tip: The number of guards at every stage is not infinite. Kill everyone – you will move in silence and tranquility. So you can first put them out and shoot them, and then go.
So, go to the control room. Come go away, near which you stand, on the right side. See doors with lasers. You need to unlock them – for this, in fact, you go. Go further, wrap around the corner – there is a staircase. Close to the very top. Then go to the left, once again left, rise up the stairs, left, go along the bridge, then turn right, go down the stairs down, turn right and keep to the door to the control room. To the right of you the control panel. Do not rush to it while. You will need to do the following: Disable the security system (lasers on the doors of the room below), to take place to this room, call an elevator who will take you from here, and leave the room before the security system will turn on again. It all needs to be done very quickly, because the time you will be allocated only 20 seconds. Therefore, you must first prepare a quick exit from the control room (you will not return back the same way that they came here – you do not have enough 20 seconds of ND). Go to the opposite door. Turn left. This is a bullet control of a hatch on the stairs right in front of you (go to the edge of the site and look down – it is here that you have to go down). Lift the hatch and return to the control room. Look at the CCP. Go to the console. Now do everything very quickly (by the way, stay before starting this maneuver). Disconnect the security system and run from the room. Go down the stairs down. Right and to the right of the bridge – run on it to the door. The door itself will not open, do not stand and do not wait – open it using the “Use” button. Come and run on the stairs to the second floor, kill the employee. Rack with a control panel on the right. Call the elevator (click on the up arrow on the remote) and go through the door on the second floor. Now look forward and down. In the middle of the workshop you will see a rectangular platform with a remote control. This is an elected. Run to him (from the door to the left, behind the angle, on the stairs down, right on the bridge and to the elevator). You will shoot guards. You can stand up, and you can escape. Caution – some bastards throw grenades. Click down the arrow down on the elevator console.
Now you have left in the hatch. From there the guard will come out – you already know what to do. Go down. Behind the door you are patiently expect – “thank” them for patience. Go left and up steps. You will see an employee who is trying to fix the robot with kicks. Do not hurry to shoot – wait for Tikhonechko away and see how his chibane current. This is what happens when you do not keep safe. Now go past the robot (on the way, look at the PDA) and rightly for the electric unit – there is armor and first aid kit. Come on the door on the opposite side. Get ready immediately at the exit to shoot left – there are 3 guards. Go to the stairs and climb upstairs. Come in the corridor outside the door. Side doors come out guards. Left door – Warehouse, replenish your reserves. You can not walk directly, there are nothing in addition to the red lantern. Right door – entrance to the sewer system. Come down and go down.

5 level. Warehouse.

Go forward. Take the radio in the green box. Use them just: “Shot” button – throw, again “shot” – pomegranate explodes. Do not waste grenades – they will be very needed at the end of the level. Go on. Remember that you are not happy about. Guards can hide behind stacks and drawers. The first shootout immediately around the turn right. True, there is nowhere to go here – blocked, but you got rid of the assholes, which could then shoot at it from nowhere. Come back. On the right side of the “Middle Tier” pointer. Break boxes – they blocked the stairs. Go away. Immediately opposite the door, go there. Watch images from cameras. In the far, the ultrasound and cartridges are lying. In yellow barrel fuel. If such a bar is near the cluster of your enemies – shoot it, it will allow you to save the cartridges.
Get out and look around. You have left. Go to the stairs and go down to the lower tier. Do not worry – it’s green g… Your substance is not dangerous under your feet. Go to the right. Ahead on the middle tier bridge await you. They can be removed from afar. Remove the machine, enter the aiming mode and feel like a sniper. Close the stairs to the right to the loader. On the left side of the guards – remove them using aiming (in normal mode you can not detect them – they will hide behind the boxes and shoot from there). Lift the box on the forks of the loader and go under it. Go ahead and go to the other side (left on the bridge). Jump over the blockage and kill the guards. Right – the door to the repairman, but it is blocked. Shot into the remote – the door will turn down from below. Sit and break into the room. Shoot the guard, he left. Curl into the trumulus. Come to the pipe, sneeze and jump forward. Go straight, then left, go through the room, using a box (on the floor is hot – sweat up health – so jump on the box, and from it further), then in the next pipe, right, right, go through the room, to the next pipe, straight, stillone room, back into the pipe, straight and left. Get out and shoot a security guard (you saw it in the picture from the camera, remember?). Watch images from cameras. These people are waiting for you at the exit of their room. Remember where to shoot? Excellent, exit. To the left at the top (on the ceiling) you will see green lights – shoot them (it looks like a car driver – you will still come across with them). Go to the left to the open bridge (right) and go to the other side, then turn right and go to the “Thermal Workshop” pointer. Close up the stairs. Go left, then left again, break under the stacks, breaking the boxes, left again to the stairs upwards (the radio will be lying there – remember their location, then take it). You can see there, but do not climb (blue – it’s lasers, there will be no wet there). To the right of it the pallet is fallen a staircase down. Break the pallet and down. Behind on the right guards, kill them. Go left and on the left side to the other side, then right and down (on the lower tier). Turn back. Lasers that you see can be destroyed by stepping any of the blocks on the wall. Go ahead, alternately shooting the lasers, rise up the passage on the left, then on the bridge and right. On the left door under the sign “Room of the Energy Control”. Come, kill the guard. Turn off the security system using the remote control, see the picture from the camera. You prepare a warm meeting. Collect trophies in the far room. Return back to the passage into the thermal shop (the staircase is upwards, where there were blue lasers). When you get to the stairs, go up slowly, do not get out out. Guards are on the right of the hatch. Turn to the ladder left sideways and throw the radio on the hatch upstairs, just watch them back to you back (standing on the stairs, turn right, set it step back, lift the sight to be over the edge of the hatch). Throw all 3 pieces, get out, take the ear-seized grenades and come back. If all previous grenades flew in the right direction, then all the guards are already dead. Just in case, get out quickly and be prepared to immediately shoot. Pick up trophies. Right door – go out.

6 level. Roast place.

Browse the list of tasks. Rise the stairs upstairs. You need to unlock the door with lasers. Go to the right along the stoves. At the second oven, turn left – there is an employee. Kill him until he ran to raise anxiety. Look at the CCP. Go to the door and red button. Jump on the site and right to the end, then turn right again. See the stairs? You go there. Climb on the top. Right on the site – Lestenka Top. Stand your face and wait. You need to get to the platform that goes on the workshop. As soon as she arrives to you – take. Railing on the right side e no. Get out there and stand up so that the rail is right under you. When the platform comes to the opposite edge – go to the rail, then jump from it on drawers on the roof of the room where you need to get. Get down and go to the door. Come instrast, go down the stairs, shoot everyone along the way. Room to the right – warehouse, shut down there you need. To the right of the opposite door – the control panel of the furnace. Close the flap and go out. Go to the corridor and disconnect the security system. And get ready to shoot immediately – the first 2 guards will immediately appear. You need to get down to the output from here. Remember the staircase at which you rose to the platform site? Next to her – a destroyed oven. Go straight into it, run to the hatch and jump down, then left, open the hatch, pass forward and right.

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