Explosives From The Improved Soundtrack Reissing Command & Conquer

Soundtrack Frank Klepaki (Frank Klepack9) – one of the most important symbols of the series COMMAND & CONQUER. In the upcoming reprint of music will pay special attention. Producer Electronic Arts Jim Vessella (Jim Vessella) suggested listening to updated compositions.

After discussions with the community, the developers decided to include both version of the soundtrack in reprint: both original music and high-quality modern versions. In the amount of both options number 175 tracks and over 10 hours of duration.

Thanks to effort Klepaki (He takes an active part in the development of reissue) Some compositions will receive Remaster for the first time. For example, says Klepaki, Earlier it was impossible to find high-quality versions of Snake and Fogger tracks from Red Alert – But in reprint they will appear.Klepaki (second left) along with other members of the reissue team.
In addition, a full-fledged music player will be built into the game – you can listen to all the compositions, draw up a playlist and even (for the first time in official history COMMAND & CONQUER) Include tracks from Red Alert in Tiberian Dawn and vice versa. There is also a bonus section in the player, but what attached it – until the secret.

In the video below you can listen to how the updated soundtrack sounds COMMAND & CONQUER: Klepaki First includes the original, low-quality version, and then Remaster. There is also an excerpt from the Fogger composition. Headphones are recommended for the best effect!

Jim Vessella writes that a full-scale announcement of reprint COMMAND & CONQUER with the debut trailer should take place relatively soon. Recall that the reissue includes two games – Tiberian Dawn And Red Alert (the first parts of the corresponding branches of the series) and add-ons to them. Development are engaged in the authors of the originals from Westwood.

Several excerpts from the updated soundtrack.

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