Fable: The Lost Chapters: Tips And Tactics

Silver keys do not have to search for all locations.
You can do this:
1. Take the task – to free the boys from the Cave of Hobbov;
2. Come in the location of a pink house and talk to the boy’s grandmother;
3. After P.2 digging the silver key in the same location in the center of a circle formed by red colors (this circle of colors is well distinguishable, moreover, you need a shovel);
4. Keep the game (should be the “Save Hero” value when performing a task, and not “save the world” – otherwise the key will not appear there).
5. After P.4 Download this same saving and new – for the key.

I personally collected the keys when performing the task “Providian”. There in the camp of the robber two knives are the same circle of flowers and there is also a key. The order of collecting keys is the same.

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