Fable: The Lost Chapters: Tips And Tactics

Location of silver keys

1. Guild Woods. Fishing on bubbles not far from the entrance on the right side. (For this, you, of course, need a fishing rod).
2. Lookout Point. Drive through the bushes next to the statue in the location center.
3. Bowerstone South. The key on the second floor of the tailor store (which is near the entrance to the city).
4. Bowerstone South. Donate 25 books for school.
5. Bowerstone Manor. The key can be reached as soon as you get access to this location. Or marry Lady Gray, or laid it and become the mayor yourself. The key is in bed in the bedroom Lady Gray.
6. Fisher Creek. Fishing over one of the bubbles north of the house Fisherman.
7. Fisher Creek. Win fishing competition.
8. Orchard Farm. Fishing over bubbles with pier.
9. Greatwood Lake. Raise to the closed bridge over the waterfall.
10. Rose Cottage. Look for a ring from roses and dig in the center.
11. Hobe Cave. Focus Chamber. Look for a ring of mushrooms and dig in the center.
12. Ancient Cullis Gate. Fishing over bubbles from the bridge.
13. Darkwood Lake. In this location there is a big packed st1. He has a hole in the top. Shoot it from the bow and get the key.
fourteen. Grey House. Fishing over bubbles next to Demon Door.
15. Oakvale. Memorial Garden. Kopinate under the big statue in the center.
16. Oakvale. Win Kurit’s Pinania Competition.
17. TwinBlade’s Camp. Roop next to the chest near the southern edge of the card.
eighteen. Witchwood Stones. Fishing over bubbles next to Demon Door.
19. Witchwood Lake. Kopinate under the statue of highlighted red, not far from the entrance to the location.
twenty. Knothole Glade. In the area of the house for sale (between the houses), look for a circle of grass and dig in the center.
21. Windmill Hill. Look for a circle of colors near the road (on the field to the left side), dig in the center.
22. Windmill Hill. Roop in a mug of flowers next to the mill.
23. Lychfield Graveyard. Roop on the grave in the southern part of the card, not far from the crypt.
24. Lychfield Graveyard. Look in the sarcophagus, in the crypt near the southern part of the card.
25. Lychfield Graveyard. Rush over bubbles in a pond to the west of the house of the caretaker.
26. Cliffside Path. Look for a ring of mushrooms and dig in the center.
27. Headsman’s Hill. You will not get this key if you do not agree to marry Lady Gray. During the quest with a wedding, you will fight Thunder. He will throw you off the cliff to the bottom (not available earlier) part of the location. Fish there in the pond and get the key.
28. Hook Coast. Look in the closet inside the lighthouse.
29. The Lost Bay. Kopinate on the grave next to an abandoned building.
thirty. Necropolis. Fishing over bubbles next to Demon Door.

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