Fallout 2: Tips And Tactics

A little about easy life. There is such a military base in Falout as Navaro. It’s very easy to get into it. 1 way: talk to San Francisco with acolith brotherhoodstal he will give quest to get the drawings of vertibradov. Or from San Francisco Come – a little right and below there is a military base there in one of the tents there is a map of Kbaza Navaro.
In general, we get to the base of Navarro. There will be a type in the mantle it can be killed or talking to him for the password for those who want to join the enclave and go. But it is easier to demolish him to Kachan and quickly go down to the base on the hatch.Luke is located in the Gas Station Building. Come in with any1. In the upper left corner of the map there is a room with boxes with climbing on them, there is an enclave armor and other shortsters. In general, lick these boxes. If enough forces can kill everyone on this floor. And then Fint (Hink). Climbing the siene to the level G and while loading clicks and English on the clave is not loaded several times until the map………. Well, then then in the next Chmari, in the first Chmari’s feast (if it is if there is no such passion, the schmuck out of a shot of a shot of a shot, that is, in the fillement zone of bullets). … Well, they shook out and here you see that there are little moves, it is not necessary for anything back to the elevator and go down to 1 equation and this procedure can be repeated until everyone can be confused. And the most important chip that in Navaro, I came up with 2 Persanaga equal and the burlenter there, do not believe so try so.(Without hacking 100%) there will be more questions soap.

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