Fallout 4: Hints (Tips & Bugs)

  • Endless S.P.E.C.I.A.L Skills.

In the room of Sean, the son of the protagonist, you can find a book called “You are SPECIAL”, which increases the basic skills of the character. If, before reading, you throw this book under Psin’s nose and tell him to take it, but have time to snatch it in front of the dog’s nose, there will be two books. Thus, you can get an infinite number of bonus points. Works with any subject.

  • Large settlements

In Fallout 4, you can bypass the limit on the size of the settlement – Gamebomb.ru reports. To do this, on the green borders of the settlement, you need to drop your weapon, and then pick it up using the build mode. The game will think that the player is downsizing his base.

  • Penetration into enclosed spaces

If you can’t get into the building, but you really want to, you need to look through the windows. If there are pieces of furniture nearby, sit or lie down on them. Sitting on the couch, for example, the character will be in the house.

  • Endless money

Buy all cartridges of the same type from the seller. Then sell only one unit of that type of ammo back. Then sell him all the remaining cartridges again. The number of cartridges in your inventory will not change, unlike the amount of caps in your account. Now you can buy and sell anything you want within one trading session.

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