Fallout 4: Tip (1280×1024 HUD Fixes -143-Beta2 – fixes the problem with the invisible castle)

Author: Koloses

Mod that fixes an issue when playing at 1280×1024 with an invisible lock when hacked, as well as an interface in brotherhood armor.

# 1.Copy the contents of the Data folder from the mod to the Data folder in your game directory
# 2.Open for editing “Fallout4.ini” (My Documents \ My games \ Fallout 4 \ Fallout4.ini)

IMPORTANT! Before editing, make copies of the edited files
# – Find “sResourceDataDirsFinal = STRINGS \,”
# – Replace with: “sResourceDataDirsFinal = STRINGS \, INTERFACE \” (NO QUOTES !!)
# – Find the [Interface] section and add the following to it (NO QUOTES !!):
“fUIPowerArmorGeometry_TranslateZ = -18.5000” 
“fUIPowerArmorGeometry_TranslateY = 460.0000”
# 3. Start the game and enjoy the fixed HUD

P.S: The link to the fix is ​​found on the Steam website in the comments. Most likely the author of the comment found a mod on nexusmods.

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