Fallout: New Vegas: Advice (Item and World Manipulation)

Manipulation of objects and the world

It’s easier to first click on something in the surrounding world with the console open to select it (objects under the pointer are moved with the mouse wheel).

  • unlock – unlock a door, safe, terminal or any locked container; you can use the lock value command to lock the door. Values ​​from 1-22 are locked with a simple lock, 23-47 – medium, 48-72 – difficult, 73-100 – very difficult (if you set a value greater than one hundred or enter a negative number, then the lock cannot be broken).
  • activate – activate an item, read, a door, which is usually activated by a switch.
  • setownership – make an item yours (like a wardrobe or bed).
  • player.placeatme base_idquantity – place an item or object next to the player character; for many items, only the quantity equal to 1 is correct.
  • setscale size – resize (0.1-10)

You can also change the current weather:

  • fw – change weather. Replace with Form ID:
DefaultWeather 0000015e  
GNRRoofOvercast01 0001e3f0  
gUrbanCloudy01 00059869  
gWastelandClear01 0005cf9c  
gWastelandCloudy 0005c8bd  
InvertedDaylightWeather 000b362d  
InvertedDaylightWeatherTenPenny 00052928  
InvertedDaylightWeatherWarm 000bc39b  
MegatonCloudy01 0001d776  
MegatonFalloutDecay 0006a076  
SuburbanCloudy 00017906  
TranquilityClear 0002bf97  
UrbanDeep 00065952  
UrbanDeepInner 0006ca4e  
UrbanDeepInnerCitadel 000be1ff  
UrbanDeepInnerDCMall 000be1fe  
UrbanDeeplnnerDCMONtop 0003a236  
UrbanDeeplnnerMamaDC 000be3e2  
UrbanOvercast 000154e5  
UrbanOvercast01Intro01 00022bd5  
WastelandClear 00064609  
WastelandClearMegaton 00054e12  
WastelandClearNoLighting 000b419e  
WastelandDecay 0005a728  
WastelandEast 0003d43b  
WastelandEastOasis 00054e1d  
WastelandNorth 00027df3

Quite important! With the Unlock command, first select the target by opening the console and left-clicking on the target.

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