Fallout: New Vegas: Advice (Manipulation with stats and parameters)

Manipulations with stats and parameters

  • player.getav parameter – get the numeric value of the player character parameter, for example, karma (karma), intelligence(intelligence), smallguns (light weapon), or health (health points).
  • player.modav parameter value – change the parameter value; it should take its normal value (100 for skills, etc.). A negative number will decrease the parameter value.

Example: player.modav intelligence -5 – reduce “Intelligence” by 5 (minimum 1).

  • player.forceav parametervalue – set parameter value.

Example: player.forceav smallguns 100 – set the skill “Light weapon” 100 (maximum 100).

  • player.addperk parameter – add ability.

Example: player.addperk 58fdf – add the ability “Ability to wear power armor”.

  • player.removeperk parameter – remove ability.
Character parameters Parameter (console) Note
Any skill barter • bigguns • energyweapons • explosives • guns • lockpick • medicine • meleeweapons • repair • science • smallguns • sneak • speech • survival • unarmed English, no space!
Any attribute S.P.E.C.I.A.L. strength • perception (perception) • endurance (endurance) • charisma (charisma) • intelligence (intelligence) •agility • luck (luck) In English!
Karma karma  
Maximum load carryweight  
Action Points (AP) actionpoints  
Health points (HP) health  
Experience Points (TO) xp  
Damage Limit (PU) damagethreshold  
Fire resistance fireresist  
Radiation resistance radresist  
Damage Resistance (DR) damageresist  
Energy Resistance energyresist  
Poison Resistance poisonresist  
Unarmed damage unarmeddamage  
Melee damage meleedamage  
Critical Hit Chance critchance  
  • player.setscale height – set the height of the player character (by default – 1.0).
  • player.sexchange – switching the gender of the player character – male / female.
  • shownamemenu – open the menu to change the name of the player character.
  • showracemenu – open the menu to change the race and face of the player character.
  • player.advlevel – add one level.
  • player.setlevel level – set the level.
  • rewardkarma amount, rewardxp quantity – add to player character karma (karma) or xp (OO) respectively. Negative values ​​will decrease them..
  • setgs fmoverunmult value – change the running speed (from 1 to 10, by default – 4).

Note: if running speed does not change in the current game, sit down and stand up (confirmed for PC).

  • setgs fjumpheightmin value – change jump height (default is 64).
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