Fans Of Red Dead Redemption 2 Gate Angry Messages Tie Antagonist Games

According to the plot Red Dead Redemption 2 Gang Van der Linde, which includes the protagonist Arthur Morgan, is entrusing with the thresholds of the O’DRiskoll. Leaders of both shakes with each other long-standing accounts. But in case you have not played yet, we will not delve into the details of the story. Some users experience hate to O’Driscoll, yes such a burning, which was found real Colm O’Driskolla (Colm O’Driscoll) and now pushing it on the Internet.

After the release of Western O’Driscoll Began to receive a message with threats in social networks. It is clear that their authors will fool, but it is unlikely that it will make the reading of nasty in the “personal” pleasant. Not to mention the fact that the accum is not interested in games at all – he has no Xbox One, nor PlayStation 4. So he did not immediately understand what’s the matter.

Screenshot of one of the messages O’Driscoll shared in his “twitter”, and a few have shown eurogamer. For example, someone wrote an accumicle: “You are in my list of niggres, which I will shoot without warning, as soon as I see”. Be careful: In the screenshots, it seems there are spoilers!

Fortunately, the unlucky camper of the antagonist does not take such nonsense to heart. “For me, this whole story is quite funny, but messages are already beginning to annoy, – said O’Driscoll In comments for Eurogamer. – In the depths of the soul, I worry that some people were so attached to the game emotionally that they cease to distinguish reality from fiction “.

Kolm began blocking some users in his “instagram”. According to O’Driskolla, Although his threats from strangers are worried, he hopes that people “just joke and having fun”.

SO IT TURNS OUT I Share The Same Name As A # RedDeadredemption2 Character and Now I’m Receiving Hate Mail Online ???? / jojob2t5d0

– Colm O ‘Driscoll (@Colmodriscoll) November 3, 2018.

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