Far Cry 4 – 10 Important Game Tips and All Existing Endings

Far Cry 4 - 10 Important Game Tips and All Existing Endings

Far cry 4 – a video game in the genre of Action-adventure and Open world (open world), released on November 18, 2014. Developed by the well-known studio Ubisoft Montreal, and sensational for its games, such as: the Assassin’s Creed series (Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate), Watch Dogs and completely recently released Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege. You can see the articles for these games on the corresponding links.

So we start with tips!

# 1

The most important goal of crafting should be weapon slots, since moving around with one pistol is too small and cumbersome (at the very beginning of the game, only free cells are available).

# 2

It is important to have a weapon with you: a revolver with a silencer, so as not to make noise near. A rifle for open conflicts. Sniper rifle (best with a silencer) for quiet long range kills. A weapon of global destruction to clean up fortresses and send turntables to the underworld.

Number 3

Don’t be afraid to use stealth elements. Sometimes, it is better to clear out the outpost secretly than to make noise on the whole district so that all honest people will come running ….

# 4

When you clean out outposts, well, or fortresses, an important goal will be to turn off the alarm, otherwise, after turning on the signaling, the turntables will arrive.

# 5

When distributing ability points, immediately accumulate for – riding an elephant, removing 2 leaves from plants, killing with a knife and, of course, health points.

# 6

Killing abilities with a knife are similar to the previous series of games. That is: he stabbed one, threw one in front of him, and so on … By the way, very fun!

# 7

Elephants are living tanks. But it’s worth remembering that even a tank can be eliminated. In short, take care of the elephants …

No. 8

If there is a possibility of purchasing the Wing Suit, then buy it instantly. Probably everyone will agree that flying is better than falling, am I right? So we think so …

No. 9

Search all the chests and corpses of your opponents whenever possible. Give preference to caves. Almost everything you need in the game can be found in the boxes. After that all the trash can be sold….

No. 10

Use mortars. If you act covertly, then only one of them will be able to bomb the entire fortress. Very useful when you run out of cartridges and grenades, and there are turntables in the sky.

And now we will tell you about the endings of the game, and how to get them!

Attention, the material below contains spoilers !!!

 The first ending can be obtained in just 15 minutes.

Take a look at the 1st cut scenes when you get to Pagan Min’s residence. He will spot the Golden Way terrorist and ask you to wait. And the main thing here is not to go anywhere within 15 minutes.

The tyrant will return and lead you to your sister’s burial place. Inside the temple, you must put an urn with the ashes of your mother, then go off with Min to shoot. All.

 The second ending is Pity Pagan.

Finish the Golden Path quests and support the idea of ​​one of the heroes. After eliminating the Royal Guard, break the sculpture of Ming and go inside the castle.

You don’t need to shoot him, and he will declare you the Lord of Kirat, telling about his sister, mother and founder. He will climb into the turntable and fly away …

 Ending 3 – Kill Ming.

Similarly, in fact, the continuation of the second ending, but then just shoot Ming in his palace. Just don’t know the truth about your sister.

 Ending 4 – Shoot down the helicopter.

The same is, in fact, as for the 2 endings, but when the villain takes off on the turntable, shoot from a grenade launcher, or something powerful. The helicopter can be found nearby, with a golden Pagan handle and a lot, a lot of money …

Post-credits scenes:

  • if you choose Sabal, you must kill Amita … Sabal will be the favorite of the “Golden Path”. You will visit him in the castle, he will tell that he took good steps so that people understand their own mistakes.
  • if you choose Amita, she will become the head, and will tell you that she is actively recruiting people to the “Golden Path”.
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