Far Cry: Tip (Tips and tactics for the game)

The big drawback of the game is that it is allowed to save only in certain places (checkpoints). This is easily fixed – during the game, call the console (tilde), then enter “/ save_game”. The current game will be saved. True, there will be no screenshot in the menu, but agree – this is not the biggest drawback.

When you see that people and monsters are fighting, you do not get into a fight, but just look, and when someone wins, wet them.

In a mission on an aircraft carrier where you need to steal a boat, jump into the water, then hide and kill the shooter, then shoot the boat and swim away.

In binocular and thermal imager mode, at the same time, the energy of the latter is not consumed.

Little monsters are afraid of water. When fighting with them, go as deep as possible into the water and watch them drown in choking.

Everyone says Far Cry has few weapons. But I’ll tell you one joke. In the game, you can change weapons, everything, everything. For example, a machete (knife) for a bazooka or sniper. So I had a m-ka, a sniper, a bazooka and an MP-5 with a silencer, yes, do not be surprised, this machine is in mission 3, where you have to storm the fort. You need to enter and go through the bunker and soak 5 ingots and you will have an MP-5 (you just need to take it on the shelf)). It is better to change MP-5 with a silencer for a pistol. And then he is some kind of bespontovy (pistol). So without a knife (which you don’t fucking need) and without a pistol, you will have a super advantage over the enemy. So go for it. And no more weapons are needed.

In Far Cry, I found a few more jokes:
1. When you drive a jeep, when you see a chela or a monster, press Shift and you will get out on a machine gun with a grenade launcher. It’s more convenient to kill enemies this way.
2. From the jeep it is good to shoot at the points that you have to clear. We climb the mountain (or whatever is nearby) and fire at the “hot spot” from the grenade launcher. Mainly shoot the barrels.
3. Small monsters (which jump) can be run over by a jeep. They will die immediately. And you don’t need to spend ammo.
4. There are situations when you are in the middle of a fight between people and monsters. So it’s better to wet the monsters and then people (it will be easier this way), but sometimes it’s better to wait, I agree with Vitaly.
5. Try to look for more effective ways of passing (bypass the camp from all sides, whom to “remove”, who later, to shoot opponents from the towers.)
6. Climb the towers more often, the towers there are snipers (if the sniper was killed !!!), 5 rounds in the store)
P.s. Sorry for the MP-5 (it is everywhere after the fourth level).

When you need to soak a helicopter on a barge (the same nasty one), put the explosives, break on the nose, then immediately after the explosion back into the wheelhouse and from there from the window of the back room you thrust into it from the bazooka as much as you can, when it is full of water, then swim out and under you swim behind the wheelhouse with water, climb onto it and, hiding behind the mast, shoot the turntable from the grenade launcher from the machine gun. turns out quickly and efficiently. When you are thrown out of the helicopter without a weapon, you kill the first monster, jump into the river and swim under the water to the helicopter, we have a couple of machine guns.

There is one more way to overwhelm the helicopter (on a barge, which must be shot for a long time). Since the barge (or ship) sinks after the explosion and you do not have time to destroy the helicopter, you just find yourself in the water. But shooting in the water is not very successful and you become an easy target for the shooter.
So here’s the way: firstly, in the wheelhouse, take the bazooka, armor and first-aid kits. Then you go, place the explosives (if you look around before that, you can see a small island with palm trees slightly to the right) and when the countdown starts, you jump into the water, preferably with a running start, this will give a few seconds. And row to that island. True, a corral explosion will hook you a little (it will take about half of the armor), but then you will be on land. Now a helicopter will appear, take your time to shoot from the bazooka at it – it dodges, wait until it comes closer. When the helicopter hovers, start shooting it with a bazooka. at this time (in between shots) you can hide behind palm trees where the shooter will not reach you. Just don’t shoot at a nearby palm tree (aim more carefully), it greatly harms your well-being

When driving a jeep, you can crush some (small) monsters. You can also knock people down (although the speed decreases from this).

Use the technique of the enemy, knock the enemy out of it and dispose of it as you like. Just do not overdo it by knocking out opponents, aim better, as you can destroy the equipment itself.

Mission “Volcano”, after the 1st save.
Find a room and arm yourself. After go to the hall. For a long time I could not figure out what to do there. Here are the conclusions:
1) In the middle of the hall up to the first two pillars. Weapon-assault machine gun (forgot the name), fire mode-alternative (not 3, but 1 round).
2) Kill the first two behind these pillars. Hit strictly in the head-below the bulletproof vests.
3) Hide behind one of these two pillars, change the weapon to a grenade launcher, switch to alternative fire (cartridges explode upon reaching the ground).
4) When the others fall on you, shoot them with alternative fire. On the “easy” level, passed this way from the 2nd time.
5) To other doors, etc..
6) 2nd save.

And I wetted the helicopter (after sinking the barge) like this:
You come to the cliff in a jeep, then lower it down the mountain, and unload it yourself … Then, as usual, you blow up the barge and go to the jeep as fast as you can – it’s the easiest way to wet the helicopter from it (it seems to me)!

Volcano, penultimate conservation.
Take the machine gun (which is with the tape) and go. Also take more pomegranates. Hit the gap between the doors (on the right) and aim the jumper on the left edge. Quickly kill him with a sniper. There is King Kong. From the machine gun. Then knock down all the Kings that come up. Hit in the heads! Also from the machine gun. Then crawl out and fill up the jumper. on the right edge. Shoot a full clip to fill it 100% without reloading. Shoot with a sniper rifle that has 40 rounds.
Then you crawl back and start throwing grenades across the field. Look at the map, where there will be circles from the shots (this is the third jumper), and throw there. As far as possible! before that he was sitting somewhere in the distance, where binoculars did not snip him) .And from a sniper rifle with a full clip !!! You must kill! Then to the other end, bring down the Kings, if they come out of the door, and on the console, on the elevator, by To the bridge to the north. Fire at this special forces from a grenade launcher (alt.fire), mortality 100% !!! Go up the stairs, and tastefully wet Doyle from a machine gun or something else. Where is the console, take health, because. when you fire from a grenade launcher, you will partially suffer yourself. Yahoo! End!!!

Listen, you don’t need any saves! Better go into the game and change the profile to Duetefol or Buitefol, something like that he is the very first there. Now we go into the loading of savegames and choose the mission to whatever your heart desires.

In a mission, when thrown off from a helicopter (along with a machine gun and 10 rounds), it is not necessary to kill the first monster and spend precious 10 rounds. Because mutants do not differ in a special mind, it can simply be bypassed. When you were thrown off, quickly take the machine gun and run up to the stone on the right side. The monster will run to you, and at this time you go around the stone on the right side and run to the cliff. The mutant will walk around the stone for a long time and will only see you when you jump (this method has never let me down).

There is one more way to overwhelm the helicopter (on a barge, which must be shot for a long time). DrBlast already talked about this, – you come to the cliff in a jeep, then lower it down the mountain, and unload it yourself … Then, as usual, you blow up the barge and go to the jeep as fast as you can – it’s the easiest way to wet the helicopter from it (it seems to me)!

And here is how I went through the “Volcano”. In the weapons room, I loaded myself “full” of ammunition. There are three chairs in this room. Take turns pushing them to the garage door below. In desperate situations, they can be pushed with a burst from the machine. Open the first inner collar and push the two chairs forward so that they lie with their backs on the collar. It is better to put them on the left side of you, where they do not interfere with pressing the buttons. Then you take out a sniper rifle and open the second outer collar. And, lo and behold! The first gate didn’t close! I have a chance to retreat and maneuver! Quickly eliminate the jumper on the left and even more quickly retreat to the stairs and around the turn. You take out what you want and take turns shooting cyberdemon (they are very similar to Doom’s) in the head. You can not be afraid, they will not come to you, the head interferes (apparently the doctor did not tell them to bend over :-D) Dodge missiles along the way. In this simple way, you can get rid of the most dangerous advancing opponents. From time to time you can return to the gun shop, replenish your ammunition. And you ask about the third chair, what about it? I advise you to leave it in reserve. The first collar tries to close all the time and sometimes shoves the chairs. And cyberdemons sometimes fall into the wall and the nearest chairs are blown into dust. After the mass murder, until the carcasses of the cyberdemon have decayed and hold the second gate, you can easily finish off the last cyberdemon (he hangs out in front of the bottom) and, using binoculars and a sniper, alternately shoot the remaining jumpers. How many of them remain, I do not know for sure, sometimes with their dizzying jumps they miss and fall into the lava. Further “a matter of technology”..

Mission “volcano” for the first time was not the easiest way.
After the gates were opened, from a sniper rifle he wetted the left near jumper in the head (one shot), then the left far, right far (one shot each) and the right near in the belly (his head is not visible) and he remains alive for now. After that, you need to get up and do your feet from here, because the kingkong is rushing to you. You run to the left behind the booth from which you left, and from there you finish off the jumper from the sniper rifle. Well, then you start to wear down the King Kongs by running and shooting. A rather brutal method.
But then I discovered a much simpler method. As soon as you left the gate, rush to the right or left behind the booth and try to jump onto it from a running start (it didn’t work right away), as soon as you find yourself on the roof, fall on your belly and in this position, shoot the creatures. Jumpers often fall into the lava themselves. Some of the King Kongs, when they crowd around the gate, will kill each other. You will have to finish off the scum.

If you have difficulty passing the 19th level, follow the next instructions. At the beginning of the mission, we immediately grab M4 and take out the mutated macaque. Then we jump from the waterfall. Then we swim under water and carefully pass the monster with AG36. True, if you play on a very high level of difficulty, then this trick may not work, so after killing the macaque you should have at least 3-4 rounds left: aim the monster at the melon and send it into the world. We continue to swim, but carefully: there are two macaques ahead – we try to bypass them on the other side of the coast. As soon as you get to the helicopter, immediately take out the King Kong brothers from the machine gun. If there are still monsters ahead, we lure them back and take over the old one. Then we sit on the buggy and roll forward, ignoring the mutants. As soon as you break away from them at a sufficient distance, get out of the vehicle. There will be three mercenaries ahead, but they no longer present any danger. End of level.

Passage of a barge with a helicopter.

We wait for the explosion on the bow, then we rise to the wheelhouse. We make ourselves comfortable at the window (which is near the shelf with weapons) and through it we beat on the turntable. It took me 6 shots from the bazooka and the time before the barge sank.

About the helicopter barge. One should not be too wise there. If someone decides to drive a boat or boat to the barge, I do not advise. Firstly, they explode when you board a barge on a hang glider, and, secondly, if you float to the first island for a boat, then when you return back, the barge will disappear and the buzz! In its place will be two steel gratings. An island with palm trees … I did not like the option – I simply did not have time to swim to it – I was shooting the helicopter. Jeep … Probably effective, but when I tried to shoot the helicopter with a grenade launcher, it worked the first time (there were 13 rounds, hit 50/50, then once with a bazooka and that’s it). The easiest thing seems to me.
Another mission caused difficulties. When you attack the base from Valeria to take a jeep. Good advice:
– When you sat down at the machine gun, and Valeria was behind the wheel, the garage door starts to open. As soon as it starts to open, you need to throw a grenade there. The jeep will turn sharply to the left and will not be able to leave the garage! Ha, the savings in armor are considerable. Sometimes it drives out, but explodes on a grenade (5% chance). 100% works, the main thing is to seize the moment of opening the doors, if they managed to open completely, then it is hardly possible.
– The second jeep can be blown up by a grenade. Wait until you move away a little and throw it. The jeep will start moving and run into a grenade. This is much more difficult to do than the previous trick. It will take skill.
– Further, when no one interferes, the helicopter is carried out one-two-three. We take out 2 jeeps in the old-fashioned way – from a machine gun (maybe someone will succeed with grenades – I did not succeed, I actually do not know much about them, I hardly use them).
– We shoot the entrance to the camp, and then we immediately shoot blindly at the nearest tower. If I’m as lucky as I am, the next target is the distant tower. Even if you pass the camp, it will shoot at you, so it is important to try to take it out.!
– Further the most offensive. Two mercenaries are walking by the car with fuel. The first time they carried me out … If you are not Anka the machine gunner, shoot at the car, namely at the container with fuel – this will calm them down.
So far in the whole game, it was the most difficult moment for me, and therefore I wrote it. Dare!

At the Dam level, the easiest way is not to take the cannon at the very beginning. without her, Jack runs faster. We run around the stone, fooling the macaque, and jump from the waterfall. Further, two options are possible: 1) You fall into the water, crawl out onto the shore and run to the bushes. Then we make a march through the notorious bushes to the helicopter, and then it’s a matter of technology; 2) You fall into the water, but the kingkongs and macaques have gathered in a bunch along the coast and want to devour you. In this case, we lure them into the water, neigh over stupid monkeys and, following the instructions from paragraph 1, we get to the helicopter.

I can give advice on how to pass the level “Dam” (where they are dropped from a helicopter). First, pick up the M4 – in front of the traiger, go around behind the stone and jump off the waterfall. Swim to the shore. On the left is a monster, on the right there will be several more. Draw attention to yourself and run back into the lake under the waterfall. This can be done several times. The main thing is to get to the waterfall in time. So I drowned 5-6 monsters and did not waste a single bullet. After “unloading” the path, you can run to the helicopter, and there it is easier.

About the set of weapons:

In the course of the game, I gathered the most efficient arsenal that I recommend to everyone: MP5 (with a silencer), rocket launcher, OICW assault rifle, sniper.

Ammunition stripping tactics:

When there are enemy camps, do not go ahead. Look around with binoculars – this will kill 2 birds with one stone: 1) estimate possible places in order to sit down and clean the area; 2) mark the enemy on the radar, because only with binoculars the enemy is detected on the radar.

If you have a sniper, then it’s a pleasure:

We choose a mound not very close to the enemy, we lay down on it behind a bush / pebble / tree (lying down, the sight almost does not jump), we shoot enemies who cannot even detect you before death.
If it’s tight with sniper cartridges, we do the same with an assault rifle (M4, AG36, OICW), with the only difference that the distance to the enemy will need to be reduced a bit.

Do not be lazy to ransack all the buildings in the enemy camps to heal, put on armor, collect cartridges for all the guns.

Listen to everything that is happening around, and when you look through binoculars (do not forget that the binoculars are equipped with a sound amplifier), this will help to avoid surprises such as the enemy behind your back, etc..

In catacombs, basements, etc., before entering a new room, inspect it with night vision goggles to find invisible craigens.

If you listen to the surroundings, cragens with rocket launchers are calculated in advance, and without problems are carried out from a decent distance with 2 accurate shots at a turnip from a sniper rifle. No nerves and running around with a gun.

Near the water, where patrols are driving around on boats, we lay in the bushes on the shore and gently wet the driver and machine gunner on the boat, sit down and use, not forgetting that the alternative weapon on the boat is a rocket launcher.

I highly recommend using binoculars at all times when moving around the island. Make it a habit – it will save you nerves and bullets during the game.

The last level, before the exit to the lava.

Trick: go to the armory, reload, push the chair to the thick door, press the console, the first door goes down. We push a chair onto it. The best thing you can think of is to run into the armory and bring another one. Two chairs prevent the door from closing for much longer.

Then everything is simple – opponents come, they cannot go through the door, but the very first corpse of the big man also holds the outer door. Calmly shoot them, periodically walking to the armory for cartridges. Finally, we take a sniper rifle and body armor, and we go to kill the jumpers, after reloading everything in our hands.

Volcano. Before entering the crater, where there are two doors, we open the first. We approach the second and, without touching the lock and the door without opening, we take out the binoculars and look (at the door). Monsters will be heard, and then they will stomp. When they turn from the other side of the door, their bazooka arms will be visible as if through the wall. We shoot them, we run back for cartridges. So I knocked down all the big guys.

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