Far Cry: Tips And Tactics

There is another way to get a helicopter (on the barge, which is long shot). Since the barge (or ship) is sinking after the explosion and you do not have time to destroy the helicopter, then you just find the water. And in the water, it does not really work out and you become a light target for the arrow.
So here’s the way: first in the cutting take the base, armor and first aid kits. Then go, lay an explosive (ate before it look out, you can see a small island with palm trees a little right) and when it starts to count – jump into the water, it is desirable to run it out for a few seconds. And rowing to that island. True, the corona explosion will be hooked a little (he will demolish about half the armor), but you will be on land. Now the helicopter will appear, it is not in a hurry to shoot from the Bazuki – he is dug, wait until it comes closer. When the helicopter hangs, start shooting it from Bazuk9. At this time (in breaks between shots) you can hide behind palm trees, where the arrows will not get you. Only now it’s not worth shooting in a nearby palm tree (we are careful), heavily harms self-effect

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