Farewell, Bloodbath Kavkaz, – From Steam Removed Almost A Thousand Goods For Fraud With Steamworks

If you believe the Steam Tools site, which works with Steam databases, a few hours ago Valve I began to massively remove unattended products from the shelves of your store. Such goods literally hundreds – PC Gamer counted 982 applications that are no longer available in Steam.

As the representative explained Valve In the comments for PC Gamer, the company found that some partners were abused by SteamWorks tools – this was the reason for removal from Steam.

What specifically the abuse is unknown. In the discussion on Reddit declared a developer Outdrive – This game also got into the Ban Wave. According to Developer, Valve sent a letter and reported that his game was removed from Steam for the deliberate use of vulnerabilities in the “Bandlov” system.Blobatn Caucasus.
Users noted that there are especially many projects of publishers in the list of blocked games Dagestan Technology And Siberian Digital – Apparently, this is the same company. She was engaged in every trust in the spirit Blobatn Caucasus And You Green Elephant (reference to that very “Green elephant”).

However, under the signboard Siberian Digital More or less pointful games with good estimates from the audience appeared. But, as the developer writes Outdrive, Siberian Digital really engaged in framing with steamworks. Developer knew about it, and a year ago he broke up with Siberian Digital and began to distribute Outdrive Alone, trying to remove from the dubious publisher.

Did not help: it looks like, Valve Blocked by all the games that are somehow connected with Bresci in the system – and no matter who is now recorded in publishers.

Most likely, remote games will remain in the libraries of buyers – they can be downloaded and run as usual. But they will no longer attract new users.

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