Farming Simulator 15: Tip (Money Editing)

To receive any amount of money in Farming Simulator 15, follow these steps:
1. Go to “Documents / My Games / FarmingSimulator2015 / save folder” (go to any savegame, for example: savegame1, savegame2 and so on)!
2.Open the file “carreerSavegame” with notepad!
3. In the opened notepad window, press the key combination “Ctrl + F”, after which the search will open!
4. In the search bar, enter the word “money” and click “Find Next”. The string m “XXXXX” should be displayed!
5. Instead of XXXXX (between the quotes), enter the desired amount of money!
6.Save.P.S. If not found by search, then find manually!
Have a good game!

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