Fifa 06: Tips And Tactics

There is one small trick in the game. I discovered her when I played for Boston from the last League of England. To grow capital, you need to carefully discuss the current contracts of players. For example, a player with a skill level 93 gets s / n per game 345. We extend the contract for the year we reduce s / n to a possible minimum. And so while the contract does not reach 5 years. The only thing is: not all players agree, but it is necessary to be tinker. Boston coaches from 2015 to 2020 (until the end of the career). In the residence, my Boston had an indicator 98, 99, 97!!! As well as the team played w.ROONEY, C.Ronaldo and Martins from Milan Inter. By the way, Martinz highly recommended. Quickly gains level 99, with a very strong blow and most importantly accurate! So C.Ronaldo in 2020 had salary 102 per match!!!

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