FIFA 11: Advice (hack budget, salary, fitness, the ability to buy any player) Version 2

So I continue to change my career and so that everything was smooth I did this in the 2nd option

By the selection method, we read the forum and, having learned from his mistakes, came to this….
1.Install this program

1.1 download my file

2. We drop this file into the play folder (with replacement)
C: Program Files \ EA Sports \ FIFA 11 \ Game
but then you have to start your career again.

-physical form
-balance of weekly payments in positive territory
-we lam the budget through artmani (I think for everyone this is a trifle, one can filter everything out, as a rule, the 2nd value out of several is ours)
-with the purchase of football players, well, they don’t want to be sold to the 2nd league with the highest (mega football players)

– ticket revenue 5 = million


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