Flashback: Tip (Adjusting Values ​​with Artmoney)

It was tested on Flashback version 1.1.1378.0 portable with the addition of graphics from Update v1.2; WinXP SP3

The value of the distribution of experience points is an integer 4 bytes.
Just one address, which is constant and does not change after entering / exiting the game, if it is the same save (slot);
Other addresses are changing.

Health value – an integer 4 bytes.
At the normal difficulty level (new game, no character development), the value = 100, when you get a level, 12 points are added, when you add one division in the “health” development scale, 2 points are added.

Grenades – whole 4 bytes.

Time value, timer – integer 8 bytes, look for value in seconds.
The timer time, for example – 1m: 59s is displayed in the game, but the value that needs to be searched for and then frozen (changed) for a second is no longer 119s, but 120s.
After freezing the value and returning to the game, another couple of seconds pass before the timer stops.

When switching between levels, values ​​that change (except for the distribution of experience points) need to turn off freezing or put in properties – it may increase.
Because each new download, as when entering virtual reality (in the game), a new address is assigned; the above applies to the health bar in the first place.

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