For Civilization Vi Release Mode Where Barbarians Will Stop Being Beating Boys

LED Meyer’s Civility Preparing for the February update, which will add a number of improvements and a free new mode – “barbaric clans”. He will suit those who wanted the barbarians to stop being boys for whitings and have taken a more meaningful role in the game.

The “barbaric clans” will appear six peoples of barbarians. They differ in unique units and a place of residence: for example, the mountains prefer hills, and nomads – cages with horses. Each point of clans is gaining glasses that bring them close to the base of the city. You can have fun with this indicator to influence barbarians:

  • If you accelerate the clan, it will completely disappear from the game.
  • If you rob the clan, it remains in the game, but slows development, and you get gold.
  • The clan can also be inserted (it will not attack your territory), hire (you get units of the clan) or bribe to adjust it against other states. If the clan stole your unit, then gold can be spent on liberation from captivity. All types of monetary relations accelerate the development of the clan.

The update will also add the following:

  • You can define a list of available rulers in the match. It is useful if you want to play against specific rivals (both in a single game and in a multiplayer).
  • New improvements in I9. Enemies will begin to actively use air defense and more often apply air strikes.
  • New changes in balance. For example, some political courses are redone for individual governments to bring them to real analogues.

The release of the update will be held on February 25. “Barbaric clans” will become available to all owners CIVILIZATION VI, But some balance sheets concern only additions. Thereafter Firaxis Games focuses on the last free update of the season, which will be released in April.

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