For The King: Video Game Overview

Usually “Rogani”, and even inspired by the “knock” Dungeons & Dragons, With real variability, quests, humor and adventure spirit, we do not miss (especially me, yes). But last spring For the king somehow missed, let. And now correct. Especially since relatively recently the game debuted on PlayStation 4.

Three against all

The main thing you have already heard – For the king Made according to desktop role-playing standards. Selects several scenarios (read: modules). Somewhere you need to deal with the causes of the death of the title king;somewhere – go to the marine adventure or in ice empty;somewhere – to prepare and consistently clean five steep dungeons. There is also a kind of arena mode, where you need to test your combat skills in endless catacombs. Plus Pure Competitive Multiplayer Card.

Almost everywhere we operate in a detachment of three heroes. Initially available only hunter, scientist (he is the magician) and blacksmith (warrior). Then, the knowledge points earned during the adventures can be bought in the discovery shop new classes of characters (including, for example, Manrovaya, trampling, tracker, and so on), as well as objects of equipment and buildings that will appear on the map, opening new opportunities.

Tell me what you do ..

Heroes have common for all the characteristics that are checked every time when the cube throw (and it is understood here, it is thrown away with each of your chica), determining the vitality, protection, the likelihood of evasion or applying critical damage and so on. Only depending on class, these parameters differ in a large or smaller side. Therefore, in the arms of the arms of the blacksmith, for example, it is better to give hammer, for the effectiveness of which the strength is responsible when casting a cube, and not intelligence or talent. But Magu, it is clear, we need a witchcraft staff, “sharpened” under the intellect.

In addition, before throwing a cube, you can use concentration glasses to increase the likelihood of damage and, accordingly, reduce the chance that the enemy is confident. Or that we have critical missions, which, besides, can break especially cool weapons.We missed for the kingIn cities you can trade, be treated and taking tasks.
It is clear that on the equipment in For the king Built a lot. Yes, no one has canceled any experience and new levels, but it is precisely taking as a reward for the fulfillment of the tasks of various types of pinger and armor, removing it all from corpses or buying in stores, we make our wards noticeably stronger. In addition, the weapon determines the set of skills available in the fights, allowing you to carry out particularly strong blows, stunning opponents and so on.

Fights themselves, of course, go in step-by-step mode, reminiscent of JRPG – Characters, standing opposite each other, in their own way attack the selected goal, use skills or consumables, increase the chance of evasion, treat allies or try to escape.

Good luck loves brave. Or does not love ..

All three move on a hexagonal map also in step by step mode. We chose all the stroke points – complete it, and new enemies appear on the map, new dungeons grow or, for example, some hex are infected with a poisonous impurity. And you can move the heroes separately by sending them into different ends, or to keep together all your fighters participate in the battle – so really more efficient. On the other hand, if you competently distribute fighters on the map, you will get faster to pass some kind of quest or get a new one, and also to participate in random events that can bring both benefit and serious harm.

The latter fell on our head constantly and also demand to throw a cube – this will determine if you can avoid traps, will you get the item or instead of the grab of the head, earn the bonus glasses experience or, on the contrary, lose it. Everywhere you can use a concentration to increase your chances, but its reserves are limited, and they are restored only after resting in the camp (tents are also completed) or after receiving therapeutic and resort services in the city.We missed for the kingImpeccable cast of cube? Lucky!
The same before the fights – you yourself decide to immediately rush into battle or throw a cube to try to arrange an ambush, reducing the number of enemies, or to sneak by.

Yes, B For the king the power of “Randoma” – you can get a steep equipment in a couple of moves, which, so luck, will not break in the first battles, and you can finish the adventure quickly and inglorious. Cube throws in such games – it is always a gift, and curse. And then everything depends on how you treat it. The authors immediately warn that it is often necessary to die and start at first, so in this case everything is perceived as the necessary part of the experience and mechanics – the same “Rogali”, in the end. You will not miss anyway.

Chaos will ever win ..

Bodrit and the fact that almost all maps have their own burdens. In ice empty, if you have finished the course outside the city or camp, the character gets a cold damage. In marine adventures, a periodically, the ship attack extremely strong cracked – you have to carry with you special inks that scare them. Somewhere over time, the influence of chaos is increasing or an hour is approaching when a destructive flood happens, “this is all understandable, complicates the passage and makes enemies even stronger.

You can reduce the power of chaos by performing key tasks, defeating bosses or destroying special structures. However, there is allowed to choose and another option – not chaos to lower, but to fill the cells of life that are spent on the resurrection of the fallen heroes. If all three will die by brave death, and lives will not remain life, then the game will end. There is another option to find special altars and bind them to a specific hero – so it will receive useful bonuses (for example, a multiplier of experience or gold) and after the first death will immediately raise. True, in this case, the altar collapses.

Especially hard in the dungeons. They must be fully cleaned, withstanding consistently a lot of fighting and overcoming traps, when everything again solves luck. And at the end, it is definitely waiting for a strong boss and treasure chest. Preserve at the same time or it is impossible.

Four units of damage against such a fatty Kraken? It is necessary to run!
As you see, in For the king Many interesting mechanics and opportunities. And I have not yet said about buying in a shop for the glasses “Laura” of new points, which will then appear on the map – this is the night markets, where they trade with steep exotic objects, and carnivals, where, in the presence of an appropriate ticket, we offer new risky adventures,and tower, scare up Kraken, and a lot more. There are also allowed to open new random events and mini-meetings, objects for the customization of heroes and the coolest equipment, which will be added to the assortment of merchants. In general, it is missing here exactly. Especially in the cooperative to which this game, in principle, is designed. And if we missed this game for nonsense, then you now know exactly what it is impossible to do this.

Pros: multifaceted and fascinating gameplay;Mass of random events and interesting places on the maps;many classes;Cheerful cooperative;Pleasant graphics;Great work with sound.

Minuses: Hard dependence on luck with a cube throws not all.

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