Former Bosses The Division Work On A Certain Cult Classic

Before us, one more story in the spirit “The developers worked on a large publisher, released a successful AAA blockbuster, and then left the company and founded an independent studio”. This time in the main roles – authors TOM CLANCY’S THE DIVISION.

As VentureBeat says, the new team is called Sharkmob. Her backbone – Fredrik Rundquist (Fredrik Rundqvist; Former president Massive Entertainment and executive producer The Division), Anders Holmquist (Anders Holmquist; Technical Director The Division and Snowdrop engine), Martin Holeberg (Martin Hultberg; Franchise Development Head The Division), Petter Mannerfelt (PETTER MANNERFELT; Game Director, Producer and Technical Director The Division) And Rodrigo Cortes (Rodrigo Cortes; artistic director The Division And Hitman).

According to chapter Sharkmob Fredrik Rundquista, The whole five specialists worked together for 10-12 years. Rundquist So confident in your abilities and in the forces of your comrades, which declares: they know absolutely everything necessary to establish a company, develop the game, launch intellectual property, as well as create a solid foundation for technology, artistic and game design and so on.

The first game is engaged in Sharkmob, It turns out to be a kind of multiplayer under license. How sharing Rundquist, Sharkmob does not really want to work on traditional single adventures. Developers are more inspired by what they are glad to play: something multiplayer, competitive and strong social component.

Rundquist says the debut game of the studio is based on a certain cult classic and can later turn into a franchise. Other details are not yet disclosed. It is known only that the project Sharkmob will be released on PC, and then, most likely, on consoles.

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