Freelancer: Tips And Tactics

Want to buy Titan? It is sold in Crete, I entered the alpha omikron on Anubis. But how she was …. 4 days. With the rims of the enemies, through their system made through the scan, darned up to the gamma, but did not get a friendship with the corsairs, the same arches to the exit to Sigmu-41, where in the bar for a modest fee in 150000 I was recalled with these glorious guys. Do not regret money, the price of the mission in Crete from 95000-140000. Titan stands only 700,000, you do not drive any problems, only the shield will put a powerful, 10th grade weapon (in the central systems, other ships are dealing with 1-2 shots) and pirate on health. Good luck to you.

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