From Fortnite, The Police Cars Were Quietly Removed – By Rumors, Because Of The Antipolitis Protests

We believe, you have already heard about the May incident in Minneapolis, where the Copeh killed during the detention George Floyd (George Floyd). Protests against police arbitrariness turned out to be so stormy that developers Fortnite without any ads removed from the game Machine Servants of the Law.

Last week, the third season of the second chapter began in action. Users and Press, including Kotaku, noticed that there is not a single police car on the map for the royal battle. Then the audience suggested that the loss of cars can be explained by the seasonal change of the island – a significant part of it plunged under water, so many cars drowned.

However, then it was clear that the case here is unclean. Copy machines also evaporated from the creative mode: they stopped falling out when using trail – so called a device that allows you to create a random object.

On the eve of the Wall Street Journal edition received information from its source – yes, Epic Games Removed from the militant cars of the guarage of order due to recent events to “show tactful”. Details confirms a cybersport consultant Rod Breslo (Rod Breslau).

The water level on the map for the “piano” is gradually decreasing, and soon land can be managed. Probably now EPIC does not want the network video in which users Fortnite Sit down, cutting around the island on a police technology.

For Clarification This Is Indeed Real and Not Satire

“I Wouldn’t Say It’s a Political Statement. I Think It’s Just US Being Sensitive ABOUT THE ISSUES MANY PEOPLE IN OUR AUDIENCE ARE DALING WSJ, Which I Have Confirmed to Be Accurate

– Rod “4475 SR & Immortal Peak” Breslau (@slasher) June 22, 2020

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