From Steam Removed Cyberprank 2069 – Fake Game, The Author Of Which Promised Buyers Cyberpunk 2077

CyberPrank 2069 – Another lazy game of the abyss Steam. From the other crapping of the collected crafts, it is distinguished by an amazing hatcher: the developer promised that buyers CyberPrank 2069 As a result, you will receive copies Cyberpunk 2077.

Messages about “Shares” appeared on the page CyberPrank 2069 in Steam and in the comments on YouTube. All that was supposed to have to do is buy CyberPrank 2069 for 10 bucks until July 22 and wait for christmas. One is a sharp that will leave the most funny feedback about the fake game, even wrapped the collector’s edition Cyberpunk 2077.

Raffle turned out to be a vehicle: July 23 CyberPrank 2069 removed from Steam (and the possibility of buying seems to have disappeared even earlier). On Reddit suspect that it did herself Valve: The game was low-quality (it seems like the developer even wrote himself, which there is nothing to do in it), deliberately tried to resemble Cyberpunk 2077 with his logo and name, and in the trailer I used loosely music from “Blade Running 2049” – for the vest pulls the “assets-flip”, deception of buyers and violation of other people’s copyright.Screenshot from CyberPrank 2069 – a character model stands in the game in the standard T-Pose.
In description CyberPrank 2069 To show the gamers “role-playing game of the new generation”, “true simulation of life in the world of the future” and the story about “Copy from the past, which is trying to become the richest inhabitant of a futuristic city”. Among the tags – “Memes”, “Movie Simulator”, “masterpiece”, “Sandbox”, and at a certain point even a “nudity” and “sexual content”.

Money from your ingenious draw creator CyberPrank 2069 Will not get: Valve begins to translate income from the game 30 days from the start of sales. And “Cyberprank”, judging by the information on SteamDB, did not hold out and three days.

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