From.T.But.L.To.E.R.: Call Of Pripyat: Tips And Tactics

Many kill Noah to remove 2 compass. Why? It is better to take one, take the beard and come for the second. I came, hiding from the release, and he, shouting that “He will not save you” from the emission, “gave the artifact.
The benzokolontics in the stones have a cache. There is easy to climb, but the back does not fit. I recommend to take a gun and give a couple of volleys, without stopping attempts to get out. Sometimes it turns out. But it’s better to do not go there.
At the barge at the very beginning where you pick the steering wheel, you can collect several arts. To do this, you need to save the fool out of frying and with a new detector to suck in water. After, leaving the ship on a normal road, do not fall into the water between the ladder and some drawer. There is the same bug as with stones. You can get out of it.
If you run on the map for a long time with the detector in hand (no worse than Valley), you can find “eye” in a clean field or some more arts. It is not clear where they come from, but they often meet.
Helping Uncle Yar to escape from mercenaries, do not touch the zombies. They will distract the fire on themselves when it becomes hot.

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