FUEL: Tip (Easy money at any level)

We go to the folder where the game is installed, find the (GameTsc) folder, then load it into the (Story) folder and press the file called (hubinfos), open it through notepad and do the following 

1 we find the line (AddMissionFuel “CR2-Yell-CP” 660 660 660) the numbers that are written do not matter since there are three of them they mean the difficulty the first is hard the second is average 3 it is easy so to make money easily it is better to change the third like this (AddMissionFuel “CR2-Yell-CP” 660 660 100000) then we load it into the game and see how much the prize for the race you changed there should be written 100000 for easy and 660 for all other modes

2 how to change it correctly on other missions, we go into the career, watch the races and win for the prize, for example, it says 1860 prize, we remember it and find this line in the file (AddMissionFuel “CR7-Isla-RD” 1860 1860 1860) and change the number to the amount that you need for example (AddMissionFuel “CR7-Isla-RD” 1860 1860 9999999) then go into the game and see that the prize for this race will be 9999999 

3 I will add a file in which for some races you will receive 100,000 (one hundred thousand) so if you need money you can create it in the way I described

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