Game-Musical Chorus From The Dragon Age Screenwriter And The Composer The Banner Saga Collected The Requested Amount On Fig.So

Summerfall Studios — The company based on the trilogy Dragon Age David Heider (David Gaider) and out of BeamDog Liam Esler (Liam Esler). In October, the developers announced Chorus — Video Growing Musical, Soundtrack for which the composer will write Journey Austin Wintori (Austin WinTory). The authors went to the Fig platform.CO for folk financing, and today they finally achieved goal.

Developers wanted to collect 600 thousand US dollars. At the time of writing news, the sacrifices threw over 604 thousand bucks. The campaign will end in five days, November 10.

The game has goals to grow. If the remaining time beckers will bring the amount of donations to 650 thousand dollars, the team will make two more characters Chorus Potential Protagonist Love Parts. For 700 thousand Summerfall will prepare even more songs and an additional quest with a minotaur. Maximum out of optional amounts — 900 thousand: Its achievement ensures that all the heroes of the game will have visible.

On Fig.CO Writer Interactive Musical David Heider explains that romantic lines in Chorus — not a side element, but an important part of the main story. However, no one will make you make a love relationship if you don’t want it.

First thing Chorus will be released on PC. Approximate relief period — Fourth quarter of 2021. In case of success of the computer version, the game can visit other platforms.

From @davidgaider, @liamesler, @awintory and the entire #chorusgame team — Thank You All, From the Bottom of Our Hearts! We’re So Excited to Make Chorus. Thank You for Giving US The Opportunity To!

Now on to Stretch Goals! ?✨ https: // t.CO / BWJRNN9FMX PIC.Twitter.COM / 3T2FHBSMKQ

— Summerfall Studios (@SummerfallGames) November 5, 2019

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