Game Of Thrones: Heroes, Place And Time Actions, Platforms

Creators of popular The Walking Dead And The Wolf Among US Finally issued a little more specific details of the new episodic adventure on their blog Game of Thrones.

In particular, TellTale Games confirmed that the main characters of the game will be five members of one family living under the flags of Forresters. By the way, it is their motto and presented the name to the first of six promised episodes – IRON FROM ICE (“Iron Ice”).

Forwarders in the north are considered bannamers of the house of Glover, and therefore obey and starks. In the literary source George R. R. Martina (George R. R. Martin) Interactive heroes Game of Thrones are mentioned only casual, so their fate and have to solve you. During the game, users have to take off someone in the royal harbor, whom to the wall, and at the same time try to make it so that the ancient family does not disappear from the face of Westeros, surpasses the victim of the Bloody Civil War.
Also along the new creation TellTale Games You will look into the generic estate of Forresters themselves called Ironrath, which is located in the depths of the wolf forest and from where they control the forest trade. And very successful, to the displeasure of the rival house of Whitechillov.

As for the chronology, the events of the coming Game of Thrones Start just about at the same time as the final of the third season of the television show (closer to the end of the book “Buri Swords”). And will cover the game about somewhere from the life of a restless state, that is, it will be completed in front of the fifth season “Games of the Thrones” from HBO (Approximately – in the middle of “Dance Drakes”).

When it starts Game of Thrones: Iron From Ice, still unknown. But the developers at least called the platforms on which it will be released. This PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and iOS.

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