Game Tips

The big drawback of the game is that it is allowed to save only in certain places (checkpoints). This is easily fixed – during the game, call the console (tilde), then enter “/ save_game”. The current game will be saved. True, there will be no screenshot in the menu, but agree – this is not the biggest drawback.

When you are driving a jeep, when you see a chela or a monster, press Shift and you will get out on a machine gun with a grenade launcher. It’s more convenient to kill enemies this way.

From the jeep it is good to fire at the points that you have to clear. We climb the mountain (or whatever is nearby) and fire at the “hot spot” from the grenade launcher. Mainly shoot the barrels.

Small monsters (who are jumping) can be run over by a jeep. They will die immediately. And you don’t need to spend ammo.

There are situations when you are in the midst of a fight between people and monsters. So it’s better to wet the monsters and then people (it will be easier this way), but sometimes it’s better to wait, I agree with Vitaly.

Try to look for more effective ways of passing (bypass the camp from all sides, who to “remove”, who later, to shoot opponents from the towers.)

Climb the towers more often, the towers there are snipers (if the sniper was killed !!!), 5 rounds in the store)

When you need to soak a helicopter on a barge (the same nasty one), put the explosives, break on the nose, then immediately after the explosion back into the wheelhouse and from there from the window of the back room you thrust into it from the bazooka as much as you can, when it is full of water, then swim out and under you swim behind the wheelhouse with water, climb onto it and, hiding behind the mast, shoot the turntable from the grenade launcher from the machine gun. turns out quickly and efficiently. When you are thrown out of a helicopter without a weapon, you kill the first monster, jump into the river and swim under water to the helicopter, we have a couple of machine guns.

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