“Heroes 5” will be published again

“Heroes 5” will be published again
Company “Beech” Passed reproving games from the series HEROES OF MIGHT & MAGIC 5 in Russia. At the moment, all projects created by the company went to print Nival – Original “Heroes of Might and Magic 5”, as well as additions “Lords of the North” And “Lords of the Horde”, adding to the game besides other gnomes and orcs, respectively. For those who wish to buy everything and immediately, will be released “Gold Edition”, Including all three games and bonus discs with a plot roller, diaries of developers, album of artistic materials on the game universe, video with monsters testing, as well as the game encyclopedia written and drawn up by the fans of the series.

All three games will appear on sale on May 21st years, at the same time on the store shelves it will be possible to seek and “Gold Edition”.

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