Ghost Master: Tips And Tactics

Mission 1 getting a witch
Unusual behavior in a room with a witch: Vacuum cleaner breaks – Witch Your.

Supernatural feelings:
For Cat Lucky: Fortune Storm for Liberation.
For the Eye: Arrange a Creek in the Ladar Room – Split the Bank
For ghost in a tie: revenge (scare)

Kalayivitilsky (or how it is there) horror
For girls: her intrigue and nothing more
For an electrician: earthquake (horror 2nd) on the roof near the nearest pot;Maniac to make musical instruments and arrange cold in the presence of someone
For welder: earthquake (cm. above what) the pot in the basement.

Cappers do not turn on:
For a water elementary: an earthquise of the toilet (the uley falls, the wasps fly away)
For someone, there is sitting in the house: to arrange a cry – break the keeper of dreams.
For a witch: to open the entrance (arrange the wind in the backyard);call everyone, but not to scare anyone;People will find the key and open. And it seems to be yours. For task: arrange kinesis (?!!) make her fly, and then intimidate professors.

Police station:
For a person on an electric chair: Flooding in the same room.

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