Ghostbusters: Advice (achievements)

On the first assignment, in the hotel, there will be a place – a large hall where the slime will need to be caught. There will be a large long table under the windows – on it you need to find a piece of meat on the bone, and shoot at it (there are a couple of them, you need to find the right one). Lizuna does not need to be touched (let your AI partner shoot him – he doesn’t care).

I Love You When You Rough-House!
Times Square is already in the building. When you take the elevator, you will need to go through a large room, with a bunch of Zephyr brow minions. In general, you need to destroy this room: I mean everything, tables, windows, cabinets, etc. Complete devastation. Achievement is given after the office is destroyed (do it first), minions are killed, after opening the door.

On the island. Do you remember the maze where else you need to turn the wheel? In this maze you need to burn all the bushes (absolutely everything). Achievement is given immediately after the last bush is burned.

Ghostbusters Drinking Game

the last hit – you need to drink from the fountain at each level

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