God Wars The Complete Legend: Video Game Overview

Now for those who have a desire to touch the classics of Japanese tactical RPG nodes from the 90s (I understand about Final Fantasy Tactics And Tactics Ogre), but under hand there are no emulators and consoles, just the moment of truth has arrived. On the personal computers, each other are played by the game in the spirit of this very classics – and, moreover, very interesting. Most recently, I told about Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark. And now here in Steam extended and placed improved version of tactics God Wars from Kadokawa Games.

Time is checked

I will start with the main (usually) in such projects – with tactics. Kadokawa Games already burned before Natural Doctrine – There were many experiments with a tactical system, a full 3D and a view from a third party. The game turned out to be difficult, which was not evaluated by all critics – especially, understandable, Western sangules.

Having rods, the authors then blew on milk and decided in God Wars Go across the trotan and tested track. Accordingly, everything is here (well, almost) is not the sterile, but familiar. What for nostalging fans and those who wish to meet precisely with the wrinkle of all the best of these games, very well. But for thirsty novelty – not very.

So, the fights we have step-by-step, while before the fight you need to competently arrange your fighters. You can attack in your course, to defend, choosing a view direction, use the skill, subject or spell. Boots from the flank and rear cause more damage. And if you will correctly use the features of the area, then provide half success. And notice, blows from below that the enemy standing above you are less effective. In addition, right in the battle is allowed to search and open the chests (but there is a risk of falling into a trap).

All works are good, let me teach me

And most importantly – everything is based on the system of numerous classes (they are called the works). Each character has the main and secondary classes, as well as unique specializations, characteristic of the race or profession – their combinations and provide a set of available skills. All earned experience goes in the development of classes, which, however, can be changed almost at any time. Experience is charged for using spells and skills characteristic of specific work.God Wars The Complete Legend Game ReviewDialogues are rustic, but in this case you do not want to read.
IN God Wars compared to the same Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark less classes and combinations of their combinations (and those created “manually” the mercenaries are not at all), but still enough. You can, for example, to a priest or Maga, choose a warrior as an additional specialization. And with increasing levels open and more advanced work, like a samurai or monk. By the way, “Leather” in the final edition increased.

Unique professions are also interesting in their own way. One of the girls (and in the Japanese game, it is clear, especially much), for example, worked as a scientist in the mine and his skills can now knock money out of enemies, increasing the rating of the stratum from them and collect right in battle precious pebbles for sale.

About the benefits of archers

From more or less unique things in The Complete Legend You can note such mechanics like HATE Elements, Summoning Beasts and Status Effects. The latter allows us to turn ordinary negative effects into advanced. And then the slowdown becomes a stupor, in which the character cannot move at all, and the clouding in the eyes turn into a complete blindness. There are atrophy, and complete amnesia, and dementia at which the character can attack even their. Agree, it immediately remembers Darkest Dungeon. Therefore B God Wars The Complete Legend have to constantly monitor the status effects and take them on time.

In addition, there is a lot of attention to the height difference. This built by many skills and effects, and there is not almost a single card, where there would be no lowland, hillocks, hilly or almost real mountains. From heights and further, and more powerful, and with lowland – on the contrary. Therefore, the mission is especially dangerous, where the archers sat down at the top (you can’t tell you), under the cover of which you also have a speaker with swords. You have to go out, to lure on myself a melee fighters (the arrows, it is clear, do not succumb to), and then the whole team of rapid fading.God Wars The Complete Legend Game ReviewThere are practically no random battle on a global map – everything is on the plot or additional tasks.

When complexity is in joy

God Wars The Complete Legend As tactics – a thing is not outstanding, but quite competent, detailed and very complex, even hardcore places. Here it is impossible to lose a concentration in any battle (or in any way), and after each fight you need to distribute points of experience in skills, trying to try on a new equipment and generally constantly engage in the party management. And in the final edition to all this, two even more complex levels with special conditions were added – for example, for the passage of one of them, it is necessary to fully develop the classes of their characters.

Not only these, but many other fights are too complicated (especially if you play “hard”), that forces to go on a global map to local churches and to take out for the performance of additional tasks – someone accompanied or free to destroy the bandits and soFurther. There you can make sentences and get a reinforcement award to the following battle. Sacrificing in this way a certain amount, you will increase the level of the church and will become more steep bonuses.

Gods, princesses and victims

The plot in such games is not always paid enough attention, but God Wars The Complete Legend – a completely different case. Here we tell a truly epic story, which is also based on the Sacred Shinto Scripture of the Codzik, the first book of the ancient Troeknicia.

Everything is based on mythology, and the events unfold in those times when the Japanese islands were divided between three peoples, between which they constantly broke out and fastened the quarrels. Then people could communicate with the gods, and women sacrificed children. Actually, with such a dramatic moment, the story begins – the young government of the people of Fuji sacrifice is sacrificed a completely small loup-eyed daughter, throwing her in the horses of the swollen volcano Fujiima. So that it means to calm. Look at it, here’s honestly, without shudder it is impossible.God Wars The Complete Legend Game ReviewIn the final edition, the level of development of characters was increased, new weapons were added and a number of other edits were made.
Then the events are transferred for 13 years ahead, and we see another daughter of the government, the young princess Kagui, which is held next to Fujiim – everything is with the same goals. However, it frees a friend of Kintaro, and together they go on a journey to find the missing mother of Kagui and ask her how you understand, a lot of interesting questions. And at this time the gods are thunded to start a new war among themselves, and the volcano can wake up again. Therefore, the heroes will also have to unite three nations in the face of general danger.

Pure Japanese History

In the process, our heroes constantly fall into trouble, they are released from them, meet with rulers and gods. And, of course, they find new associates, among which, in all the traditions of Japanese games, it is difficult to see a normal person – then this is some kind of barbarian blacksmith with horns, which you first need to win and calm down, the young man, who turned out to be a girl in an open swimsuit, tieand with ears, then a girl, compressing onions in one hand, and in another – a plush toy, then talking turtle. Well, or no less talking bear.

In general, in God Wars The Complete Legend Many pure Japanese – emotions, drama, screams in the original language, bizarre characters and very beautiful girls in fairly candid outfits. And all this is accompanied by really nice drawing rollers who smooth impressions from not the best graphics directly during battles. Is that the dialogs are often robust – but it is normal for JRPG.

In the final edition to all this, a pair of gaming characters was added, an additional storyline, new ending options and a complex 50-level labyrinth. And after passing, you can start everything in the “new game +”.***
Yes, B God Wars The Complete Legend Few fresh ideas, and purely outward battles look not too beautiful. But for nostalging fans and those who want to touch the genre of Japanese tactical RPG, this is a great choice. The story here delays and gives sincere emotions, the battles challenge, beautiful ancient’ypon wifi please the eye, and the ancient’apon music – hearing.

Pros: Epic and dramatic story;Classical and very detailed combat mechanics;challenging battle;Beautiful anime rollers in which history is served;Authentic Japanese music.

Minuses: Few fresh ideas;Small cards for battles;Outdated graphics in fights;bulky interface.

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