Gothic 2: Night Of The Raven: Tips And Tactics

In the “Night Crow” there is a way to get into the valley of the mines very quickly. You just need to have two elixir acceleration to quickly run (if you do not want to water the orcs). After entering the gate, drink one elixir and run to download (orcs you will not lock). Then, after downloading, run on (we look at the video as dragons attack). There will be a person with whom you talk, talk to him, he will say how to get to the city. And after you drink another elixir. Run to the city (to the main gate) and turn right. After some time you will see such a springboard. Neatly run on it so as not to get stuck, but the orcs will lock. Jump around the walls and you are in the city.
Well, if you want to dunk the orcs, then take scrolls “Fire rain” pieces 10. After downloading there, Nonongo orcs, so just a scrolls do not waste. Before the city you will need one elixir speed. Use it and run around the city (just suspend a little bit so that the orcs you catch up). And then just use two swouses fiery rain!

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