Gothic 2: Night Of The Raven: Tips And Tactics

Board for those who play a magician. Do not rush to Yarkhendar – go through the game up to 3 chapters. In the 3 chapter as quickly as possible, examine the “Ice block” spell (if it is a pity the precious skill Points, buy a lot of scrolls), find some kind of seeker!!! That is why it is necessary to wait for 3 chapters), and wrap it, but not to death, and so that he remains HP as much as you can remove the ice block. Put this spell on it, and when it glues flips (important!!! It is necessary that at the time of cleaning the inventory his corpse was frozen, otherwise this bug will not work!!!), well ago. In the inventory you will find the following runes:

1. Storm (3rd circle, extremely useful spell)
2. Something else (it seems, death arrow)
3. Creek dead.

The last spell is an analogue of the Kograte of Beliar, the subject, because of which all this borde in Yarkendar began. Find the statue of Beliar (it is at the top of the Ksarkdas Tower), choose the item “Improve the Belyar Claw”. You remove 15 permanent hitchpoints, but it is worth it. In the list of spells, choose “theft of energy”. Congratulations! Now neither the raven, nor any other person (it is a person, on the orcs, monsters and the undead do not act).
Now the most luxury. In Yarkendar, when the time comes to sausage a crow, we just cast a spell on it (“theft of energy”, of course). He is planted almost all the hitchpoints, only one remains. While he is still hanging, we can finish it cynically. And you can also go with all who prevents cunning players.

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