Gothic 2: Tips And Tactics

The draws of Irdorata, Menzurka and Eye Innos.
When I passed the last chapter of Gothiki (the draws of Irdorata), I almost did not stick very much, In my backpack there was a charged eye of Innoa and not a single minzur. And dragons in this chapter two. And since at the first you spend the charge of the eye of Innos, despite the fact that you do not have a minzur, you can’t charge on a new eye. And the final dragon kill without codes either can not ( If you do not talk to him, it is invulnerable). My previous preservation was 2 chapters back, t.E. it’s a few hours of the game, and I first desperate.
In fact, the outlet is simple – and immuno, if you got into a similar situation, run to the ship, to my master of Milten, and feed him the Luley, he will have a Menzurka, he will be necessary for the sinus (in no case do not kill Miltene, just beat). I warn you immediately – in the trade mode, no one sells this freak.

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