Gothic 2: Tips And Tactics

1. At the beginning of the game, on the task of the Blacksmith (Arm of Orc). Orc can be honestly soaked (all the more all the same… When you decide to use the portal…) and make it very easy. Buy the “Fire Rain” spell (it is generally ideal for the caves), go to the cave and when the wolf and an orc are started to run on you – castue spell. Flow all, including meat beetles. Not a single scratch. Try!
2. On the task about oblivion. Start robbery the same alchemist. He attacks – beat him (it’s easy). And when he wakes up – they cast on him. And – task completed.
3. According to the Rudnik Valley, if you are still weak, it is easy to walk turning into some predator. The only thing when you approach the right place (for example, a task with mines), then you need to turn into a person, before you will notice at least one of the paladins, but it will not last. They don’t disassemble who you really are. And even if you turn into a person, they will not kill not calm down until. So, you need to be careful and see what they did not see you. Otherwise it is easy. I played the first time without Marvin – and everything went pretty just.

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