Gothic 2: Tips And Tactics

Below is a list of spells for each Circle of Magic, as well as a list of components required for the manufacture of relevant runes. It is important to note that for the manufacture of any runes you need to have an empty rune, the corresponding scroll with the spell and learn from the trainer to create an appropriate rune (it follows that the spells for the rune should choose carefully).

Circle 1:

1. “Light” (Components: Gold Coins), Mana 1 – creates light above the head of the main character. Do not spend the rune and skill Points on this spell.
2. “Fire Arrow” (sulfur), mana 5, damage 30 – This spell will be the main in the first chapter. With this spell, I killed a black troll in the first chapter.
3. “Little zipper” (mountain crystal), mana 6, damage 30.
4. “Create a skeleton of goblin (bone goblin)”, mana 10 – too weak in battle, so it is not worth spending.
5. “Treat light wound” (therapeutic plant), mana 5 – in the game is full of elixirs for treatment.

Circle 2:

1. “Fire Arrow” (resin), mana 10, damage 60 – effectively against orcs and ice goals in the second chapter. Must Have.
2. “Ice Arrow” (quartz glacier), mana 7, damage 40 – effectively against fiery worans and fiery golems.
3. “Call a wolf” (fur wolf), mana 20, long. 30 game minutes – ordinary wolf.
4. “Gusting wind” (coal), mana max.50, damage max. 60 – the goal fly away from the wind.
5. “Sleep” (marsh grass), mana 10 – use on targets with a small amount of vital energy.

Circle 3:

1. “Treat the average wound” (therapeutic grass), mana 7.
2. “Little Fire Storm” (resin, sulfur), mana 20, damage 60 to several twars.
3. “Create a skeleton” (bones of the skeleton), mana 30.
4. “HORROR” (black pearl), manana 15.
5. “Ice block” (quartz glacier and aquamarine), mana 20, damage 2 – freezes the goal for a while.
6. “Ball Lightning” (Mountain Crystal), Mana Max. 60, damage max. 180.

Circle 4:

1. “Big ball lightning” (sulfur, resin), mana max. 75 damage max. 300.
2. “Lightning strike” (mountain crystal, quartz glacier), mana 20, damage 120 – definitely Must Have, this spell I removed the dragons in the fourth chapter.
3. “Wake up the golem” (the heart of the head of the head), mana 40 – the nape of not bad in the battle, but it is inferior to the crowd.
4. “Destroy the living” (sacred water), mana 40, damage to 1000 – works only on dead men, any dead ended the first time, Must Have.

Circle 5:

1. “Ice wave” (quartz glacier, aquamarine), mana 60, damage 2 – freezing of all creatures within the radius of the spell.
2. “Big Fire Storm” (sulfur, flame languages (fiery Varana language)), mana max. 125, damage max. 300
3. “Reviving demons” (heart of the demon), mana 50 – Lord demons is very good in battle.
4. “Treat a strong injury” (therapeutic root), mana 15.

Circle 6:

1. “Fire Rain” (resin, sulfur, flame languages), mana 60, damage 300 – I prefer other spells of the sixth round.
2. “Fatal blow” (coal, black pearl), mana 50, damage 500 – does not work on many creatures.
3. “Death Wave” (skeleton bones, black pearl), mana 150, damage 400 to all creatures in the district – definitely MUST HAVE: those who passed the first gothic magician to me will understand me, the difference of this spell from the same in the original is that Maguneed more time to strive this spell, but it is possible to hurt this spell can only death.
4. “Mraka Army” (skeleton bones, black pearl, heart of stone golem, the heart of the demon), mana 60 – causes a crowd of skeletons fighting on the side of the magician.
5. “Reduced monsters” (bones of Goblin, Troll’s fang), mana 100 – instantly kills one of the monsters, does not act on people and unique creatures.
6. “Holy Arrow” (knowledge obtained from the book in the secret library of the monastery in the fifth chapter), mana 50, damage 300 – Must Have, not to be confused with the Paladinovskaya “Holy Arrow”, which does not act on some creatures, this spell I took a major reptileIn the game and I had two goals for it.

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