Gothic 3: Tips And Tactics

What about the battle masters on the sword, I do not agree:
1. When the enemy (for example orc) fell, you can safely apply a critical or stuck. The fact is that when the Orc fell fell and starts to get up, he simply could not get away from the blow (it is necessary to apply these two blows when the orc fell, shook her head and… Here we begin shuch…)
2. Opponents do not always fall, only when applying a critical strike. And at high levels (20-30 and next) orcs, scouts are lying from the first blow.
3. To own good swords this skill is required!
I advise all partisans to go to Nordar!
There you can learn the following skills: Killer Orcs and Hunter on the orc!
And for 100 pieces of magic ore, the best armor of Nordmark (I found a lot of ore in the mine before the hammer clan). !Take care of her! In the clan of the hammer there will be one man who will require 10 pieces of ore. give him pieces not worth any skill not to add just +1 to the Kuznets craft.
Ancient knowledge should also download. In the magic of Ino, there is a blessing (+10 to the attack of the blade!), invoicing evil, the circle of fire (effective in any crowd {orcs not live!}).

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